Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Romeo and Juliet

We have been reading several different versions of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. 
We have spent some time learning about the characters and how they affect what happens in the story. 

Here's a summary of  the first part of the play - by Jackie

          Once in Italy, in a place called Verona, lived two disgraceful families, the Montagues and the Capulets. They fought each other almost every single day.
          Then Prince Escalus said angrily, "Don't make your lives more miserable than they already are. Put your weapons down, or your lives will be lost!"
         " Where's Romeo?" asked Lord Montague. "He's always coming home late, weeping and locking himself away in his room."
         "I promise I will solve the problem," said Benvolio.

           Romeo sighed.
          "What's wrong?" asked Benvolio. 
          "I love Rosaline, but she doesn't love me," said Romeo.
          "You know what?" said Benvolio. "Let's gate crash the Capulets' party. I bet there's even prettier ladies there that you might want to meet."

Here are some of our ideas on our favourite characters and scenes in the play: 

My favourite character is: 

Juliet - because she stops to think about what she is doing and stands up for what she thinks is right. (Caitlin)

Juliet - because she  drinks the potion to be with Romeo, and then stabs herself and gives up everything for him. It's really sweet, and she's pretty. (Tegan) 

Juliet - because she is pretty and she's smart and she thinks about what she  is going to do before she does it, and that is smart. And she's really nice. (Jessica)

Tybalt- because he is not afraid to have a fight. (Trent) 

Mercutio - because he stood his ground and fought for his friends until he went down.(Rudadiso) 

Tybalt - because he is fiery, active and hot-blooded. (DC) 

Romeo - because he is a good sword fighter. (Akjot) 

Romeo - because he killed Tybalt. Tybalt deserved to die because he was an unkind soul. Also, Romeo would do anything to see Juliet.  (Lauren)

Benvolio - because he likes peace better than fighting. (Bridget) 

Benvolio - becasue he never caused a fight or killed anyone. (Jupman.) 

Mercutio - because he's different and likes to fight. He was also a friend of Romeo. (Flynn)

Romeo - because he's like me, and does not think before he does things. (Shayla)

Benvolio - because he doesn't do much and he is kind. (Kyran)

Mercutio - because he is not afraid to stand up to people for his friends. (Latrey)

Benvolio - because he's kind-hearted and noble and he likes peace. He's not afraid to tell the truth and threaten some people every now and then. (Cameron W)

My favourite character is Tybalt because I like the people who fight. For me, without Tybalt, you would never see how good a friend Mercutio was. Whenever there is a scene with Tybalt, I think, "Yes! This is going to be a fighting scene!"  I was very disappointed when he died. I  think he played a major bit in Romeo and Juliet because, when Mercutio comes in, you think he is just a funny joker and playing-type guy. But when Tybalt comes in, you see another side of Mercutio - he is a good friend of Romeo as well as a good fighter. (Tonu)

My favourite scene is:

- the Romeo and Juliet death scene because it shows how much they cared for one another, and they couldn't be apart. (Caitlin) 

- when Juliet is on her balcony and Romeo is underneath listening. It's really funny, and I love all of the sayings they say. (Tegan)
- when Tybalt kills Mercutio because there was a lot of action in that scene. (DC)

- when Romeo and Tybalt have a fight, because it's action, and I love action. It's thrilling to see who will die. (Trent) 

- the balcony scene because it's really meaningful and deep. I wish they did not die because they were in love. (Lauren) 

- when Romeo and Juliet die because it's interesting how Romeo kills himself then two seconds later Juliet awakes to  find him dead beside her. (Shayla) 

- where Mercutio is saying, "Borrow Cupid's wings and fly" because  it's a really good metaphor.  (Bridget) 

- when Romeo slew Tybalt. Tybalt gets what he deserves because he killed Mercutio. (Kyran)

 - when Mercutio and Tybalt have a fight because it shows that Mercutio is not afraid to have a fight, and because it is exciting to see who will win. (Latrey)

- when Tybalt fights with Mercutio and then Romeo because it shows Tybalt's determination. He always sticks with his word, and he is always looking for a battle with either swords or daggers. (Tonu) 

- when the Montagues and the Capulets made up. (Jupman) 

- when Mercutio stood up for Romeo and showed integrity and courage, even in a situation of life and death. It makes you see in life that friends can be there for you. (Rudadiso)

 Romeo and Juliet - The Balcony Scene by Text Message.


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