Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pizza Chicos

Today the boys made pizzas. We had to choose between pizza or garlic bread. Andy did the research on pizza and Daniel did the research for garlic bread and most people ended up voting for pizza. We had to research a recipe with ingredients that would cost less than $6.00 for four people. The dough was made using yeast, flour, salt, sugar, warm water and oil. Some people made mistakes and had to redo it. We weren't supposed to add the flour until the yeast had frothed. We learned that we had to read the recipe properly for ourselves and not to rely on others to do it for us. Me gusta pizza!It was fun and the pizza tasted good.

By Sambit and William.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What We Are Doing at School

In Poutama, (technology) all the girls in Huia 1 (our class) are doing cooking technology and we are making two of the recipes which are crepes and bean nachos.

The boys are doing computer technology with Mrs Vincent. Last week the girls were with Mrs Vincent in the technology room on Mathletics and doing some homework .

Everyone in the whole school has got a Mathletics account and we can play with it at home and at school. It has live Mathletics competitions which you play with kids all around the world.

Science is one of our topics for this term. Huia 1 students are doing some homework on science that has 50 questions less than the last homework research we had on New Zealand General Knowledge.

Huia 1 Science Research Homework Project. Term 4 2009

  1. What is the scientific name for water?
  2. At what temperature does water boil and freeze?
  3. Why does the moon shine?
  4. What is a blue moon?
  5. What metal is liquid at room temperature?
  6. What are the two main elements which make up the air we breathe?
  7. What is the circumference of the earth, at the equator, rounded to the nearest 1000km?
  8. Where could you find snow at the equator?
  9. Put these in order from smallest to largest: gigabyte (Gb), bite, megabyte (Mb), kilobyte (Kb)
  10. Who was the New Zealand scientist who first split the atom?
  11. What bird lays the largest egg in proportion to its body weight?
  12. What is the nearest star to the earth?
  13. Which planet is closet to the sun?
  14. What is the name of the comet that is visible from earth every 76 years?
  15. Who was the first person to set foot on the moon?
  16. How long does it take the earth to orbit once around the sun?
  17. How long does it take the earth to rotate once on its axis?
  18. What is the difference between volcanic rock and plutonic rock.
  19. What is the name of the force that acts on all objects pulling them to the centre of the earth?
  20. Who was the person who discovered this?
  21. What are the five senses of the human body?
  22. Explain why a spider is not an insect. What type of creature is it?
  23. Give a definition and 2 examples of a herbivore.
  24. Give a definition and 2 examples of a carnivore.
  25. Give a definition and 2 examples of an omnivore.
  26. What is the only rock that can float in water and why is it able to float on water?
  27. What are the three states of matter?
  28. What animals belong to the canine and feline families?
  29. Which organ of the human body has a “drum” in it? What is its purpose?
  30. Which travels faster, light or sound?
  31. What is the imaginary line that passes around the centre of the Earth.
  32. What is the antipodes of New Zealand?
  33. What is the ozone layer?
  34. A leap year occurs every __________ years?
  35. The planets furthest away from the sun are made of__________________.
  36. What is the name of the process where a gas changes into a liquid?
  37. What is the name of the process where a liquid changes into a gas?
  38. What is the name of the process where water changes into a solid?
  39. Are the particles in a gas spaced further apart or closer than the particles of a solid?
  40. Are the particles of a liquid spaced further a part or closer than the particles of gas?
  41. Can gases be compressed? Give an example.
  42. What two colours does a colour blind person have difficulty distinguishing between?
  43. What are the colours of the rainbow – in order.
  44. What is the main ingredient is glass?
  45. What is the nucleus of an atom made of ? What orbits the nucleus of an atom?
  46. Explain the Doppler Effect. Give examples of it.
  47. What would you use a Geiger counter for?
  48. What is the earth’s main source of energy?
  49. What is the scientific name for salt?
  50. What is the softest mineral found on earth?

In school some of the students that signed up to do Radio Station are now experiencing what it's like and have radio meetings every Tuesday. Students get to create jingles which is like short music for approximately 6-7 seconds. Some students will possibly be on the radio from week 2-3.

This week we had a spelling test as well. They were pretty basic words although it did have some tricks in it. Check out Spelling City for more of our daily words. We have also got a new list of " 100 Need To Know Words" which we hope to get them all correct.

News From School Newspapers:

On Friday 4th December Our school is having a Year 8 Ball which is like a partner dance. In Huia 2 students were studying about Diwali that is the Indian Festival of Lights and in Diwali you make some delicious sweets like barfi. This is usually celebrated on a Saturday and is a time where all Hindus become vegetarians for a week.

By Nikeeta

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Las Vacaciones en Nueve Zelanda

We have just had two weeks of holiday and are now back at school for the last term of the year.
Here is what some of us did in the holidays:

Te Ana: I went to the movies to see G Force with my little brother but I wanted to see Fame. I went shopping, played on the computer and watched t.v

Gulnoza: I went to a Japanese restaurant for my my parents' 20th anniversary and the next day was my birthday.

So Yeon: I visited Georgia for a sleep-over and we played and watched Shrek II.

Rebekah: I went to a children's camp. I went swimming, kayaking and I went on the flying-fox and down the water slide. I also went to see the movie Up.

Jenna: I went tramping in the Pinnacles near Thames. We climbed to the very top and we could see the ocean. We stayed there for a night. Katelyn came with us. It was supposed to be a three hour walk but we took a different track on the way down and it took longer.

Ameleigh: I went to the movies to see Up.

Mikayla: I went to the movies to see Aliens in the Attic. I went on a swimming camp in Rotorua to prepare for a swimming meet in Henderson soon.

Georgia: I went to Kids in Cars which raises money for Kidz First Hospital and for Camp Quality which is a camp for kids with cancer. You go for rides in cars and helicopters and there was also fairground rides, the Wild Car stunt racing team and celebrity drivers.

Katelyn: I went to Waihi Beach to visit my grandparents. We went fishing and I caught a fish. I went tramping with Jenna and then after that my family went to Whangamata.

Brittany: I went to America with my Mum, Dad, brother and sister. We went for 15 days and visited Universal Studios, Disneyland, Californialand and Las Vegas. It was boiling hot and I had a great time.

Nikeeta: I went to the Cook Islands. See my posting a few blogs back. It was a fantastic time and boiling hot.

As you may have heard in my email, there was a special Island Night. There was a special feast with different spices and different meats named umo. When we had special Cook Island events we had a special place to meet and greet new members. It was next to the ocean. Sometimes if you are lucky, you can see the fish. Sometimes some people are a bit naughty and start feeding the fish normal bread which is not allowed. You need special feeding bread. However it doesn't really have any effect on the fish. I tried feeding the fish normal bread when I went snorkelling and the fish started to fight over bread. I had a wonderful stay at Cook Islands. Everyone was polite and I hope to go back to Cook Islands again.

Hemant: In Huia 1 we have a new student named Hemant. His friends are Aminder, Roneel and Sambit so far. He thinks our school is a good place and still looking forward into making new friends. Hemant went to the movies and watched G-Force. His rating for the movie was 3/5 and he says that it is an awesome film compared to other action movies. When Hermant first came to the school he felt nervous because he didn't know anyone in our school.

Sambit: Sambit just stayed at home and played Play Station 2 which is an interactive game. He says his holiday was boring.

Kumiko: Kumiko had fantastico! holiday she went to the museum with her cousins where she saw old aged clothes,desks and old aged treasures. She says it was really interesting when she was reading some of the old aged history. Kumiko says Holidays are Fantastico!!!

Stanley: Stanley played XBOX 360 (which also is an interactive game like the Play Station 2 also known as PS2) in the holidays with Nathan, Mark, Jesse, Joshua, Garick and Adryan. Also Stanley played moshi monsters alot (which is a interactive game on the internet.)

Daniel: Daniel is from Korea and he lives in a Home Stay. He we to Rainbows End which is a kind of playground where you can go on rides. He went on the roller coaster and "Gold Rush" which is a kind of go-kart. It was dangerous because it stops suddenly and it pushed his stomach in.

Mighael: went to a holiday programme during the day times from 9.00 to 3pm. Every day is different. One day he went ice-skating and mini golf. On Friday he went to Parakai hot pools. The next week he went to his friend's house for two days and they played a survival game.

Kenneth: stayed at home. He went to Sylvia Park, a very large mall, but he goes there every week anyway. He went skate boarding around the Gardens area and he went to a skate park in Manuakau with his friends.

Theo: went to Australia with his parents. He went to Dream World and Wet and Wild. It was exciting. He also played in a water polo competition.

Shane: played water polo in a competition at North Harbour.

Adryan: played games on Playstation and went shopping at Manukau City.

William: went to cinemas, ice-skating, his cousin's birthday, more movies and another birthday party.

Nathan: went to a birthday party then stayed at home.

Mrs Vincent and Mrs Lee both went to a two day Spanish Course Immersion Weekend and "Sleep Over" with other teachers of Spanish. They showed other teachers how they teach Spanish at The Gardens School and learned lots of new ideas. They played Trivial Pursuits and Pictionary in Spanish. Mrs Lee has been studying for a Spanish exam she is doing at university. We wish her buena suerte.