Thursday, January 26, 2012

Host families needed for students from Argentina

AFS urgently need to find host families for students from Argentina, arriving in February,  who are wanting to experience New Zealand school, culture and way of life.

Families do not need to have a high school-age student to host an AFS student.

This is a wonderful opportunity to make life-long connections and for the host family to gain just as much as the AFS student.  It is also an opportunity to learn or practise Spanish for yourself - or for  any family members who are studying Spanish at school.

If your family, or someone else you know, is interested in hosting a student from Argentina,  please contact  Michael Van Dyk  0800 600 300 or for further details and follow up.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Few Slide Shows of 2011 Events

Painting totems 

Real Gingerbread House made for Huia 1 by Hunter's grandmother. (Thank you very much - it was wonderful  and very much appreciated.)

Huia 1's Summer  Garden

Friday, January 20, 2012

James Bond Day

James Bond Day on PhotoPeach

Thanks to Mr Yates for organising and running the annual James Bond Day.

Some of the participants:

James Bonds:
Leon - Motto "Stay back - I've got fried rice!"
Nishant -  Motto " Why use pepper spray when you have curry powder!"
Kobe - My attitude to assassins:  "Oi! Go home!"
Kamal - Motto: "Seek, Strike, Destroy!"
Trent - Motto: "Trust nobody!"
Yatin - My attitude to assassins: "Hasta la vista, Baby!"
Glen - My attitude to assassins: " Sneak up and act like I am one of them."
Hoani - Motto: "To catch a rabbit, hide behind a bush and do carrot calls."
Callum - My attitude to assassins: "Date their sister to get them on your side."
Nikhil - Motto: "Always Give Up."
Donny: My  attitude to assassins is ...friendly.

Charlie's Angels:
Jessica - My hobbies are: "That information is classified!"
Vanessa - Motto: "A Coke a day keeps the doctor away!"
Ella - "I train by lifting light weights - marshmallows on a stick."
Jasmine - Motto: "OMG, Yeah! Like totally!"
Sarah - "I train by punching a bag of meat in my grandparents' garage."
Taleyah- "I train by stalking James Bond."
Shyna - "I train by changing the channels."