Friday, September 30, 2011

La Copa del Mundo de Rugby

For our Spanish classes today, Mrs Lee organised an article about the Rugby World Cup. See how much of it you can understand. Can you choose the best statement for you at the end of the article?

La Copa del Mundo de Rugby

Muchos de los equipos de rugby de todo el mundo están en Nueva Zelanda para jugar en la Copa del Mundo de Rugby.

Hay un equipo de Argentina. Lleven un uniforme de color azul claro y blanco.

No hay equipos de otros países de habla española, solo Argentina.

El equipo de Nueva Zelanda, llamado Los All Blacks, ganó su primer tres partidos de rugby. Llevan un uniforme de color negro con un helecho de plata.

Aquí en nuestra escuela, tenemos las banderas de todos los países que están jugando en la competencia.

Tres viernes atrás, todos los estudiantes hacen las letras de la palabra ‘negro’ con sus cuerpos, en el campo de juego.

Hay muchas turistas en Nueva Zelanda en este momento y hay muchas fiestas también.

Mi equipo favorito es ___________________.

Espero que ___________ ganen La Copa del Mundo de Rugby.

Me gusta el rugby
No me gusta el rugby

Voy a mirar los partidos de rugby en la televisión

No voy a mirar los partidos de rugby en la televisión

Voy a ir a partido de rugby

No voy a ir un partido de rugby

Here is a link to Rugby World Cup information - in Spanish.

Here is a link to information about Argentina at the Rugby World Cup.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Survey- Who will win the Rugby World Cup?

Wednesday 28 September
Tegan and I are doing a poll to see how many students think the All Blacks will win the Rugby World Cup. Let’s hope a lot of us think they will win.

We think that nearly everyone will choose:


Tegan said, “The All Blacks will win because they have won all the games they have played and because they are awesome. GO ALL BLACKS!!!”

Madison said, “I think the All Blacks are going to win because they have Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter on their team. GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!”

Mrs Vincent said, “The nation’s self-esteem rests on the All Blacks winning. If they lost, I could not bear another four years of discussions about who should be the All Blacks’ coach. Also, the country would plunge into a long gloomy depression if they lost - so it is vital that they win. But, I would like Argentina to come second.”

Hunter said, “I reckon that the All Blacks will win because they are strong and the Rugby World Cup is being held in New Zealand so they have to win it for us Kiwis.”

Sarah J said, “The All Blacks will win because they have won all their games so far, so if they win their next game they will go into the quarter finals.”

Ricki-Jean said, “No doubt about it! The All Blacks by a long shot! The Auzzies and the French can try, but the Kiwis’ll always win!”

Jessica said, “The All Blacks are going to win because they are the awesomest team ever and have won all their games so far. GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!”

Krizelle said, “In my opinion, the All Blacks will win the Rugby World Cup because they had beaten their toughest opponent in their pool!”

Renae said, “All Blacks by a mile.”

Fili said, “Samoa because they won two games and might be in.”

Karnjeet said, “The All Blacks because they haven’t lost any games”

Ben said, “All Blacks because they are the best team in the world at the moment.”

Matthew said, “England all the way because they are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Terence said, “All Blacks because they can beat England!!!”

Cullum said, “The All Blacks because they are real good at rugby.”
Wade said, “I think the All Blacks will win because they smashed France, Tonga and Japan.”

Michael said, “I think the All Blacks will win because they have won all their pool matches.”

Chris said, “You know who it is. ALL BLACKS!!!! because they’re epic.”

Donny said, “All Blacks because they’re cool.”

Nikhil said, “The All Blacks because they have a good coach, they have a good game plan and they have really well trained players.”

Jackie said, “I think the All Blacks will win because the All Blacks win every time. GO ALL BLACKS!”

Jakob said, “All Blacks because they have won every game so far.”

Danny said, “I think South Africa or All Blacks would win because they haven’t lost any games yet.”

Bhaban said, “The All Blacks will win because they thrashed all the teams that they have played in the Rugby World Cup 2011!”

"I think the ALL BLACKS will win the RWC because if they don't I am taking the rest of the year off!!!!!" said Mrs Fowler (Principal).

"I think the ALL BLACKS will win the RWC cup because if they don't, Mrs Fowler is taking the rest of the year off and I don't want to do her job!" added Miss Gifford (Associate Principal!).

We also asked our special visitors what they thought...

"The ALL BLACKS will win the Rugby World Cup because all of New Zealand wants them to - they haven't won it in 24 years - and because they are in the best condition. They showed when they played France that they have got a steely determination to win." (Kelli Kawhia-Conrad, ERO team)

"The All Blacks will win because they have a very good coaching team who have observed other countries' strategies in the game. They think of how they can use new strategies and techniques for every game. They also know that New Zealanders are barracking for them. It's about National Pride. Go the All Blacks!" (Another ERO visitor).

We are very excited to hear what Mrs Griffin, our Australian P.E. teacher, thinks but she is not here today.

...Miss Griffin thinks that you are all deluded as Australia are CLEARLY the best team in the tournament to date!...

Our conclusion is that most of us think that the All Blacks will win, so let's hope they put our words into action.

by Hunter and Tegan

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What happens on Tuesdays

As soon as the morning bell rang, the whole Intermediate Team went down to the hall to perfect our dancing for the ball, which is next week on Wednesday. Lots of us are very excited about the ball. We have to bring a plate of food for students and teachers to eat on the night. Lots of us are coming to the ball. If you want any more information on the ball go to "" and click on the Information about the ball" tab.

In Huia 1 we do buddy reading with Tui 1 students (Mrs Bradshaw's class) because it gives us practice to give us confidence when reading to other people. Nearly every Tuesday we do
it unless it is a rainy day or if we are not prepared. Last week, we went down to the library to choose a book to read to our buddy class, so we would have a week to practise our reading aloud.

Today, at 1:35 p.m. we started reading to the juniors. We only had a short time so we had to read clearly but fast. After we did buddy reading, we collected the books to take back to the library and got Hoani a new book.

By Sarah & Tegan & Hunter

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's happening in Huia 1?

(Monday morning)
Huia 1 students are already getting back into school mode after the weekend - along with the rest of the school.

This term we have been doing lots of work on Aztecs and we are doing a project in class where you have to make up a question and research it using resources - that is computers and books.

Every Monday morning Huia 1 does a current events quiz. This morning we learned that England has introduced a new type of transport, called Pods, for people to ride in at Heathrow Airport.

Huia1 is reading Private Peaceful at the moment and we are talking about the key
information. Our class recommends Private Peaceful to any keen reader - it's by Michael Morpurgo. (Note from Mrs Vincent: A movie of Private Peaceful is being filmed in England at the moment. Check it out here and here.)

Huia 1 has been learning to find places on a map and and how to do mapping skills. In our Social Studies books we have a page on New Zealand facts and another on world facts and we have been adding to them every week since the start of the term.

During Term 3 we are getting ready for the wearable arts and we are in groups of three. Lots of people have started making their outfits.

At the moment there are E.R.O (Education Review Office) people around the school. They go around schools in New Zealand visiting them every three years to make sure the curriculum is fulfilled. So, we have to be on our best behaviour while they are at our school until
this Friday, then next week they are going to a different school in New Zealand. It's nearly the end of term .

By Sarah J and Hunter

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weeds are closer than you think...

It was Monday 19th of September. Hunter, Renae, Caitlin and I decided to weed our garden to make it look lush and full of plants without the extra weeds. So we started and after 20 minutes we thought there were a lot of weeds.

The next day we had to weed still because the weeds were still there and it was so annoying because they weren’t going away.

The next day we had to get some soil because the old soil was looking really bad and dry. So we went and got a wheelbarrow and it was so heavy so we had to get some boys to come and help us while Renae and I were raking the soil Hunter and Caitlin were cleaning the bricks and tiles.

After the soil was all dry we put geranium and busy Lizzie cuttings into the soil and it looked magnificent. By the end of the day we all were really tired from gardening.

By Tegan

Two caterpillars were found - and given to Mrs Whitehead in Kea 1 to take home for her chooks.

(Note: Here are the rescued and replanted self-sown sweet peas which had ended up in the weed bin...)

Other things happening in Huia 1: (by Mrs Vincent)
Jessica's poster about the Rugby World Cup. Her chosen team was Argentina. Our last posting (see below) was viewed by people at the school I visited when I was in Argentina - and they noticed Callum's poster of Argentina did not have the Malvinas Islands on it. (They are called "Falkland Islands" in our atlases). So, Jessica made sure she put them on her poster.

Annella had a puzzle for us.
"How can you tie a knot in a piece of string, without letting go of either end of the string."
She asked for volunteers to try it out.

Finally, she demonstrated how to do it.

Students are making works of wearable art to tell the story of the rise and fall of the Aztec Empire. Here's what some of it is starting to look like....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rugby World Cup Homework Projects

Krizelle - full marks for this poster

Last week we had a homework project about a team participating in the Rugby World Cup.

Unfortunately, our whole class except for two people had to do it all over again because Mrs Vincent was disappointed with our first posters. As well as having to do it all over again, we had to choose a different team that we didn't know anything about.

So, we all got started on our second team and we only had one week to do it and have it perfectly finished. The rating was out of 25. If you got 20 you passed. If you passed you didn't have to do it again. We all were a little bit disappointed about having to do it all again but we all got on to it because we knew there was going to be a consequence if we didn't.

These are some of our comments:

I think that my Argentina poster was a lot neater and set out better then my Italy poster.

I think that my first one is better than my second one.

My project got better marks than last time. And I think I did much better.

I think my homework is better than last time.

I think my homework was better set out than my first one, my title was a lot better than my first one and relevant.

I think I definitely benefited from the second chance at the project.

I think I went really well but next time I need to be careful when I am reading the homework sheet. I think my homework this time is way better than last time.

Caitlin - full marks for this poster

It was hard and I think it is much better than my first one - and it was really fast.

I think it is ten times better than my last project because it is much neater and has more facts.

I thought my second one was better than the first one.
Sarah J.


I think I represented my country right with the logo and the map to show detail.

My second homework project was better set out than my first.

I think that my second homework project was better than my first one because I had a better title. It was neater and it was drawn better.

Sarah I

I think my second on was way better than my first one. I think I set it out better.

I learnt the meaning of Japan's logo and think that my second one was better than my first one.

Written by Tegan

Rugby World Cup Project:

Purposes: to develop, extend and increase the variety of presentation skills used (visual language)

to develop and extend research and study skills

to capitalise on relevant current events opportunities

Choose a country participating in the Rugby World Cup - excluding New Zealand

· present the required information on 1 side of A4 blank paper

· include your name on the back of the paper

· set your work out relevantly, clearly and neatly – thinking about the style of your presentation and the layout of your information

· no computer-generated work; all work to be done in black pen and coloured pencils

· neatness, correct spelling, punctuation and following instructions are very important


· the name of the country - this will be your title

· the name of the team (if a different name to its country; e.g. New Zealand - All Blacks)

· flag of the country

· symbol/logo of the team and an explanation of what it means or its significance

· map of the country – labelled with relevant information - which could be borders, seas, oceans, neighbouring countries

· a frame or border of your own design (think relevance)

· a drawing of the team’s jersey

· a line or words from the country’s national anthem which could be used as a motto, chant, slogan or similar to describe or encourage the team; e.g. “Hear our voices, we entreat!” or “Make her praises heard afar…” could be used for New Zealand. This could be incorporated as a border.

· a greeting or comment in a language from the country, which you could use if you met a person from that team – or one interesting fact about the team which you could discuss if you met someone from the team


presentation and neatness, including following instructions :5marks

information – including amount and accuracy: 10marks

spelling, punctuation, correct use of capital letters: 5marks

handed in on time : 5 marks

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something Fishy in Kea 1

On Tuesday, Kea1 (Mrs Whitehead's class) were having a special eel day with Paul the fish man, Wai Care Kate, and Fiona and Anna from the Auckland City Council Pollution Response team.

Kea1 put a special assembly on for the Intermediate Team, where all the visitors came and watched them present their awesome assembly. Velvet, the travelling tapestry eel, * was on display and went all the way around the hall.

Then, Huia2 and Huia1 went up to Kea1 to look at their presentation: eels, pictures of eels, things that can happen to the long fin eels and short fin eels and other sea creatures and a lot more things. My favorite thing in their class room was the eels and the game you went and played with Anna. She would show you two pictures of streams and you had to tell her what one was natural and what one was polluted. When she asked me what one was natural and what one was polluted we all said the one that looked the worst was polluted and the best looking one was natural - but it was actually the one that looked worst that was natural, so that was really interesting.

After school, Mrs Whitehead was in her classroom and you could go to her classroom or the hall after school. If you went to the hall, some boys would show you Velvet the eel, but if you went to Mrs Whitehead's class you could see the eel and all the other things.

Fiona showed us how to make our own fizzy drink and Paul let us hold and touch the eel.When everyone got there Mrs Whitehead said there is not really anything to do besides to feed us.

At the end of the day it was a fun and interesting day.

By Shayla

Here's a short video about the long fin eel.

Kea 1 have been involved in a study and clean-up of the Puhinui Stream.

Kea 1's eel puppet show.

Thanks Mrs Whitehead and Kea 1 for all the effort and work you have put into this. We learned a lot from visiting your room.
* 41 minute long video about Velvet the Eel