Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our School Box Car Derby Competition

Hola a todos. On jueves, el veinte de julio, dos mil nueve the Gardens School had a box car derby. The box cars we used were all made by us. We made them in the Poutama building at our school. While making these carts we learnt about friction, gravity, force and movement. Our criteria were that the box car had to be safe and it had to have a brake and a working steering system.

On the day, the drivers had to have a long sleeved shirt, a helmet and shoes covering all the foot. Prizes were given out for the best-looking box cart, the most well-made cart, the best crash, the overall winners and the person who showed the best sportsmanship.

The winner for the intermediate team was the team called Smash 8. Team members were Ethan, (driver), Jordan (pusher), Daniel, Nathan, Danielle, Veejal, Tiara and Breanna . The overall winner was the team called Soldiers. Team members were Tegan (pusher), Kamaldeep (driver), Sarah, Matthew, Nick, Angelique, Jamarl, Shaquille, Latia and Olivia.

The teams in our class (Huia1) were called Angels and Demons, V20 , Fire Tyres and Fire Hound Racing.

The races were full of excitement and peril. There were cars flipping over when they got down to the end of the course, like the Smash 8 team's cart going airborne and ending up upside down. With another accident from the Rewa Hard Racers' cart being cut in half and they were so close to winning the derby.

by Pooja and Georgia

Here are some short videos of some of our box cars racing in our school car park.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Team Assembly

Saludos de Señora Vincent. Estoy en mi casa y mis alumnos están en la escuela con Señora Lee. Hoy, ella es la maestra de mi clase. Mis alumnos aprenderán mucho español con Señora Lee. Tengo la gripe. ¿Tal vez es la gripe porcina? Mis alumnos me envían sus historias para correo electrónico y escribo en este blog. Mañana es las vacaciones. No voy a tener la gripe mañana.

Last Friday, our team of four classes (se llama "Maungakiekie Equipo". Tenemos once a trece años. ) were in charge of presenting the school's monthly assembly for all students.

These are the students from our team sitting ready to begin the assembly.

Our students dressed in mufti (not school uniform) with a Pacific Island theme for the Jump Jam performance. (See video below).

At the assembly, some students paraded their box cars which they have been making in technology classes all this term. (See the video below.)

Huia 1 class sang a song in Spanish about the days of the week and the months and seasons of the year. (See the video below)