Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Romeo and Juliet Acting Awards 2012

An esteemed panel of judges has made the following awards, based on the class's preparation and performance 
of Romeo and Juliet 


Clearest speaker 
  Lady Capulet – played by Caitlin
"Alack the day! She's dead!" 

Best preparation and rehearsal 
  Friar Lawrence – played by Shayla
Holy Saint Francis! What change is here?" 

Best murder 
Romeo killing Tybalt – played by Cameron 
"Now Tybalt! Take the villain back again!"

Best death 
 Paris –  played by Danny 
"O, I am slain!"

Most commanding performance 
Prince Escalus  - played by Trent O 
"Rebellious subjects! Enemies to peace!" 

Most improved actor   
Lord Montague – played by Fa'atonu
"For I will raise her statue in pure gold." 

Most consistent actor  
Benvolio – played by Latrey
"...I will make thee think thy swan a crow."

Best delivery of an insult 
Citizen of Verona - played  by Glenton 
"Dung hill!" 

Best Villain 
Tybalt – played by Karnjeet
"To strike him dead, I hold it not a sin!"

Best soliloquy
Juliet – played by Jessica 
"... a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Best portrayal of anger 
 Lord Capulet – played by Rudadiso
"Disobedient wretch!"

Most improved death scene 
 Mercutio –  played by Jackie Cheng 
"They have made worms' meat of me!"

Best  portrayal of contrast in character
 Nurse – played by Kylah 
"O, lamentable day!"

Best delivery of alliteration and assonance 
  Servant Peter  - played by  DC 
"Come and crush a cup of wine." 

Best  volume
 Watchman - played by Flynn 
"Lead, boy! Which way?" 

Best portrayal of a worried parent
Lady Montague - Tegan 
"Where is Romeo? Saw you him today?"

Best understudy 
"O thou vile one!" 

Understudy for entire play; voice and acting coach
 Mrs Gillespie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What we learned about drama - and Shakespeare, Part 2

The Huia 1 Cast of Romeo and Juliet
This week, I learnt to speak to the audience while doing my part in Romeo and Juliet. I also learnt that when I speak in a play I need to pronounce all my words correctly and not run them together. I am very good at remembering my lines.

I think the person who did the best insult was Ramandeep with, "O thou vile one!Kylah - the nurse

This week I memorised my cues for the narrators' part. I learnt that when we were on stage to not smile, and to look at the audience. 

I think I did well to not smile at some funny parts because when the audience laughed, I felt like laughing too. On stage, I felt confident when saying the narrators' part. If I did it again, I would speak louder and be more confident that I could do it. I would also try to get a spot for a character.

My favourite part was the killing scene when Tybalt killed Mercutio, and then Romeo killed Tybalt. I think the most improved person was Juliet because she wasn't speaking loud  or clearly at the start, but now we can hear her better and is not speaking so fast. Cameron M - narrator

The first part we learnt was the end, "A glooming peace this morning with it brings . . . "

The funniest part was when Romeo couldn't open the bottle of poison. I think that Mercutio had the best death and Lord Capulet was the best angry person.  I  learnt that exeunt means all exit. Kyran - narrator

 We learnt not to smile because we are not the audience. I had to memorise my words and the narrators' parts. When we rehearsed, I was so nervous, but I just had to do it. On Thursday, we had to show everybody that we had practised for the play. The insults were Shakespearean  and some of them were funny. The Montagues were blue and the Capulets were red. At the end of the play, Romeo and Juliet die and in the middle, Tybalt and Mercutio die. Lady Montague dies of a broken heart. Jackie - Mercutio. 
The Montagues  


This week was our performance week. Our class play was Romeo and Juliet. I showed that I learnt stagecraft by speaking slowly and clearly so people could understand what I was saying. I also learnt I could memorise my lines and the narrators' parts too. I also learnt the cue for when I have to say my lines. This week we also practised every day, so our play would be perfect. When it was our turn to show everybody our play I felt nervous, but after we started, I felt all right. When it was finished, I felt relieved that it was all over. 

The thing I did well was speaking slowly and clearly because I didn't race my lines or words together.  If I did this again, I would do more action because I didn't do much. 

The people who I think have  improved the most are Jessica (Juliet) and Cameron W (Romeo) because they had to remember a lot of lines and do a lot of actions too. The person who I think was the angriest was Tybalt, played by Karnjeet, because he really acted like he was really angry. The best death, I think, was Jackie (Mercutio) because  he really took the spotlight when he was dying. Latrey - Benvolio

 At first  I was really shy, but at the end I really wanted a part because I had got more confident. Next time I'll get a part. The funniest part was when they all die because when they stabbed people, everyone started laughing. I have learnt that Shakespeare is actually not that boring. 

If I do Romeo and Juliet again, I would be Juliet because I am sure I can do that role because I'm loud and can show emotion. 

My favourite parts were the balcony scene because Juliet was talking about Romeo and how nice he was. But Romeo pops up and Juliet was shocked that he was listening. I also liked how everyone died at the end. Ramandeep - understudy and narrator

The Capulets

I have learnt how to speak clearly  and louder so the audience can understand. It took me a while to memorise my lines at the start, but then I could recite them almost perfectly. I think I did well speaking at a slower pace and not mumbling, because my mum was there and she said she could clearly hear me speaking. Next time, I would use more expression when expressing something like sadness. I felt proud after our performance because I felt I had improved greatly. 

My favourite part was when the families realised they both were wrong and didn't fight any more. The funniest part was when Romeo died and Juliet woke up straight away. It was the worst timing in the world! 

The scariest part for me was when I had to lament that Juliet had died because I had trouble with that. 

I now fully understand the Romeo and Juliet story and could probably recite it in my own words. 

I think the most improved class member was Jessica (Juliet) because she has come a long way with her actions and expression. Caitlin - Lady Capulet

This week we did drama and we practised a lot.  I learnt all the boys' narrator parts, and my favourite one was, "A glooming peace . . . " My favourite part was when Tybalt killed Mercutio, and then Romeo killed Tybalt. My favourite insult was "Me thinks you stink !"

Next time, if I get to choose who I want to be, I would be Lord Montague because he doesn't talk too much and he is strict. I think Romeo (Cameron W) was really good, and the best death was Paris's (Danny).

The play was written by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago. I learnt that William Shakespeare lived in England and he did plays in the Globe Theatre during the day because there was no light at night time. Akjot - narrator

This week we performed a play in front of an audience. My favourite part was the death scenes because before they died, they sad their lines very well. I learnt many Shakespearean insults during our play, like: 
"Scurvy companion!"
"Maggot pie!"
I have easily learnt  the narrators' part but I wasn't used to the cue. If I did it again, I would still be a Capulet and a narrator, but do even better than before. 

The funniest part was the murderers with the daggers.  I think the most improved is Jessica (Juliet), and Cameron W (Romeo) has improved as well because he looks at the audience a lot. In the balcony scene, there was a soliloquy where Juliet spoke her thoughts aloud to the audience. Bridget - narrator

I played Lady Montague and I don't think I was loud enough, though at first, I was really scared. At first, before I was about to start, I forgot my words. I just went blank, but then my words came back. After a while, I wasn't scared - but I only had to say one line, so that was good.  I thought how we were screaming our insults was cool, and it was fun.  With the cues, we came in too slow sometimes - but most of the times it was good. I did well because I didnt go through it too fast. If it did it again, I would be louder. It felt good after I finished  because it went really well. 

The funniest part was the killing scenes because the characters were really good at dying. I think the most improved was Tonu as Lord Montague because he was really shy at first and yet he got up there and did it well. My favourite scene was the balcony scene because it's cute how Romeo pops out and Juliet got scared. Tegan - Lady Montague

I learnt how to say my insult violently. My insult was "Dung hill!", and my one was the best and loudest. When I had to say my part, I think I said something funny because people started to laugh. But overall, I am proud of myself because I haven't performed in a long time. I have achieved a lot of things with my acting and my lines. I think Lord Montague (Tonu) has got more confident in the play - better than when we were doing our rehearsal. I didn't expect that from him.  Glenton - Capulet servant 
Count Paris, Prince Escalus and Friar Lawrence

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What we learned about drama - and Shakespeare, Part 1

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene . . . "

I have learned many Shakespearean insults, such as: 
"Vile One!"
"Detestable fool!"
"Dung hill!" 
"Rotten one!" 
I have learnt many acting skills, like how fast to speak and how to stand still for a long time. I also learned when to make gestures with my hand - and I have learned many quotes from William Shakespeare.  I think the best person in the  play was Jessica (Juliet)  because she spoke clearly, loudly and slowly when she needed to, and fast when she needed to, and she spoke with expression.  DC the servant Peter.

 This week I learnt a lot of Shakespeare quotes and listened to people improve on their insults by changing their voices and speaking louder. My favourite insult was Ramandeep's because it sounded like she meant it (I hope not to me) and she used a lot of expression. My favourite part of the play was when Jessica (Juliet) died. 

When I got on stage in front of everybody, I forgot my lines and added one word by mistake.  Renae - narrator
"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?"

 I learnt that it  wasn't really that bad to go up on stage because you get over it once you're on the stage. I think I did well becasue I remembered my lines on the stage. My favourite part was when all the girls said together, "That night, when on her balcony above . . ." because it sounded really effective. 

The funniest part was when the boys forgot to say the narrator's  part so the girls started it off for them. The scariest part was getting up on the stage because I had butterflies in my tummy. 

I think our performance was really great because it was ten minutes long and it was the best we'd ever done it. Alisha - narrator 
Tybalt, my cousin! Romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo must not live!

 I learnt that you have to speak slower in a play than you have to in a movie. I have learnt lots about Shakespeare this week but the main one would be that he wrote sonnets as well as plays. 

The funniest part of the play would be when I couldn't open the vial (of poison) because the lid was stuck. 

I felt excited because I haven't been in a play for a long time.  
Cameron W - Romeo 

It was really fun and I love acting. It was a bit scary at first when we got on the stage, but then I got less nervous and it was easier. My favourite part was when I had to stab myself because I love fake dying /fainting; it's really fun. I would probably talk it a little slower if I did it again, but I talked better than I usually did. 

I think it was the best performance  that  we have ever done - better than the practices. I think everyone did their lines really well, and we all learnt a lot of acting skills, like showing contrast - which is when you show the difference between two opposites. For example, in "My only love, sprung from my only hate," you put the emphasis on love and hate. Jessica - Juliet

I was very proud of my speaking part, mostly because it was a good pace. I wasn't sure if I was loud enough, then asked my parents. They said I was. I also did very easy hand gestures. Things I would change next time I did it would be: I would have more eye contact with the audience and not laugh, or smile at the wrong time. 

In my opinion, the funniest part was Jackie's (Mercutio) death scene, because he was the first to die. It was also funny how he said, "O, I am hurt!" 

I learnt that I can be loud when I want to be. I was nervous when DC told me on Xbox that I was Lord Montague. I was then happy when I found out I only had two lots of lines to say.  I reckon I looked funny in my suit, with my Dad's shoes on.  I guess I looked old and smart. I was happy with me not falling down when I had pins and needles. 

I think the most improved actor was Cameron W (Romeo) because he did it at a good pace, but when in practice, he was talking too fast.  If he was a bit louder, he would have been just a bit better. The best angry/scary person was Karnjeet (Tybalt) because he scared the little kids in the front row. Fa'atonu - Lord Montague.

During the course of the term, I learnt a whole new side of Shakespeare. We mainly focused on William Shakespeare's Rome and Juliet. It was very interesting how he could write  a story that would fit any circumstance - whether it be today or in 200 years. Through learning this story, it makes you see that, though it was written 400 years ago, it can come to reality in this generation. 

When we first heard that we had to perform this play, I was a bit anxious. I was given the role of Lord Capulet. He has a couple of strong lines, and I was willing to take on the challenge. At first, I was dreading to learn my lines, but after a few run throughs it didn't seem at all that difficult. When we came to the final performance I didn't really feel nervous. I tired to act my part as best as possibl, and before we knew it, our performance was over. I personally thought Tybalt (Karnjeet) was outstanding. 

All in all, it was a very educational experience. Rudadiso - Lord Capulet.

Vile Montague! Condemned villain; thou must die!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Romeo and Juliet Personalised Plates

We created our own number plates using relevant words and ideas from Romeo and Juliet, and wondered which of the characters - or actors from our class -  would have these number plates on their vehicles:
ILOVEU - Juliet would have this because she will do anything for Romeo. (Danny)
IROMEO - Romeo would have this because 'I Romeo' means I am Romeo. (Danny)
DAGGER - Juliet would have this because she killed herself with a dagger for Romeo, so she can be with him in death. (Danny)
JUL1ET - Jessica would have this because she plays the character of Juliet in our play. (Kylah)
FR1ARL - Shayla, because she plays Friar Lawrence (Kylah)
PR1NCE - Trent, because he plays Prince Escalus (Kylah)
1LØV3R - Juliet (I love Romeo) (Kylah)
1LØVEJ - Romeo: I love Juliet (Kylah)
PØISON - Romeo because he dies from poison (Hoani)
RSLINE - Rosaline (Hoani)
BOLTTY (work it out for yourself, but think Usain Bolt meets Tybalt) (Hoani)
VERØNA - Prince Escalus because he's the prince of Verona (Jackie)
PLAGUE - Mercutio, because when he's about to die, he says, "A plague on both your houses." Jackie
F3UDS- (Feuds) Montagues or Capulets because they are feuding with each other.(Lauren)
LUVSUK - Romeo, because he got banished  and couldn't be with his love. (DC)
CPARIS - Danny because he plays Count Paris (Bridget)
NOFEUD - Prince Escalus becasue he doesn't like feuds. (Trent O)
INLOVE - Rome or Juliet because they are in love - Jessica.
LOVERS - Romeo or Juliet  (Latrey)
ILADYC - Caitlin because she plays the part of Lady Capulet. (Tegan)
ST4TU3 - (Statue) for Tonu because he plays Lord Montague, who promises to build a statue of Juliet in pure gold. (Shayla)
LVABOY- Romeo because he is a lover boy (Rudadiso)
2L8NØW - too late now - for Tybalt because he wants to seek revenge on Romeo for crashing the party. 
WØRRID - Lady Montague (Jessica) 
DAGGER - Juliet (Jessica) 
ØFUDIN - ( Zero Feudin')Prince Escalus 
VITALY- Verona Italy (Renae) 
CAIIME - Paris  - Call me (Caitlin) 
STARZ1 - Were Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers? Was it fate or free will? Did the Stars win?

IAMCUT - Mercutio (I am cut) e
IAMFUL - Romeo (I am Fortune's Fool)
BANTHR - Juliet (Be another  . . . name)  
NØTSIN - Tybalt (To strike him dead, I count it not a sin!) 
SØDEAD- most of the characters could have this number plate (D.C.)
PØ1ZEN - Apothecary (D.C.) 
 INTOMB - for Juliet because she was in the tomb. 
IAMBIC, SONNET - Shakespeare


And here's a 31 second version of the plot of the story of Romeo and Juliet.


 and another really short version - with an alternative ending.