Thursday, April 22, 2010

Camp Preparation

All the Intermediate classes are going to camp over the next two weeks.

I have had several requests for another copy of the camp kit list- so I will publish it here so it is available any time you need it: I know it hasn't printed well, but it gives you the main idea. It should also be available on our school website.

Camp Kit List 2010 All items named, please.

CLOTHES - School uniform is to be worn to and from camp only, and stored in a plastic bag in between times, ensuring one clean change in which to return your child.


warm jerseys


track suit pants / long pants


changes of underwear - minimum


pair of shorts


t shirts/shirts


pairs of socks


jandals or slip ons to get to ablution block /around camp and inside wear.


pair of comfortable walking shoes – most likely these will get dirty


raincoat or jacket (Suggest “disposable” raincoat as well, if jacket is short)


hat - sun cap /school cap OK

1 set

old shorts/top for a “Mud Walk” in the event of a very rainy day. Keep in a separate plastic bag.


sleepwear suitable for being seen in public on way to ablution block – or add light dressing gown



sleeping bag/duvet*


single fitted sheet or cover sheet for mattress.


pillow and pillow case

1 *

Light blanket or extra warm sleepwear if sleeping bag is summer weight.



soap in container – shower gel in plastic bottle/tube is easiest


face cloth – in plastic bag (recommend week’s supply of small Chux disposable cloths as alternative )


bath towel

tooth brush and tooth paste (small tube or near-end-of-service tube from home is fine)

small pack of tissues/handkerchiefs


shampoo/conditioner (suggest in separate plastic bag – small containers recommended )

deodorant - avoid excessively fragrant cans of aerosol

any other personal needs



beach towel


togs suitable for mud slide - can include Mud Walk clothes as above


plastic bags for wet clothes

plastic bags for dry washing


water bottle with tight fitting lid


small torch and batteries


light day pack for hiking. (small school bag ok)


named tea towels

pencil case, including colouring pencils and glue stick

reading book/s


Polyprop or thermal singlets for extra warmth or instead of an extra blanket

Beanie hat – for warmth or if your child is prone to earache in the wind.

camera – disposable camera recommended. For digital battery charger please name it and give to teachers once at camp to look after and oversee recharging batteries.

playing cards or travel games (no battery operated games) or board games

sun glasses

insect repellent (stick or roll-on preferred), sun block, lip balm is a good idea

aqua shoes(or old shoes/footwear suitable for getting wet) , jandals for shower

bathing cap only if you don’t want to get your hair wet.

Please note: No cell phones including camera-phones, iPods (or other battery-operated technology), or personal food supplies are to come to camp. See note about camera battery chargers above.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our School's Cross Country Competition

Every year most schools in New Zealand have a "Cross-Country" running competition. Our school is very close to Totara Park so this year, our PE teacher, Miss Griffin, organised for our entire school (students aged 5 - 13) to run our cross-country through this park.

Here are some photos of the Intermediate Cross Country from my marshall's station towards the half way mark of the course.

Sitting in house groups before the races start. All students are wearing their house colours.

The park is a farm as well. These cattle are obviously used to people passing through their home.

Now you see them....

'Now you don't....

This was one of my views while I was waiting for the next lot of students to run past. As you can see, the ground is quite dry. We desperately need some rain now.

Uphill and through the gate.....

To the far end of the tress and back again.......

I spent a bit of time talking to this guy while waiting for the groups of runners to come past.

Up the hill....

The view from the top of the hill.

Running .....

Arty photo of the downhill course to the finishing line.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another NZ teacher in Argentina

Check out this blog to follow the Argentine adventure of another New Zealand primary school teacher who is on a one month Ministry of Education AFS Immersion Award - to Argentina.

This time last year I was the one writing about my experiences and I'm enjoying (and somewhat envious) reading Valarie's blog. She is in a totally different part of Argentina from where I was but many of the things she wrote about seem very familiar to me now.

¡Felices Pascuas! (Happy Easter)
From Mrs Vincent