Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Disco at School

Here are some photos of the Halloween Disco we had at school on Friday 29th October. It was organised by the Gardens Support Team of parents.

Mrs Scott, who teaches new entrants, does not look like this every day.

Mrs Loakman and Miss Delaney getting into the spirit of it all.

One of these boys is in Huia 1 - do you recognise him?

Note from Mrs Vincent: Click on this link to take you photos of a school's Halloween party in Argentina. NB. This is a link to a Facebook site so you will need a Facebook account to see it.

This is the Step English School I went to when I was in Argentina last year. What can you see that is the same about celebrating Halloween in our school and at Step? Can you find any clues that tell you these photos are not taken in New Zealand?

Here is a newspaper article about the students in Argentina participating in a Halloween fiesta. Can you tell if Halloween is a festival celebrated in Argentina or is it a way of experiencing English-speaking culture?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Things That Are Happening in Our Class and School

Term 4 Week 2 - Already!
Here's an update of things that are happening:

This is a very testing time... we are having tests for maths, reading and spelling as well as completing samples of work for our portfolios.

We are also preparing for the Intermediate school speech competition. Everyone has to prepare and present a persuasive speech. Finalists will present their speeches to the rest of the team in early November.

We are entering the STANZA primary school video competition. This year's theme is Las celebraciones en español son divertidas and we are going to make a video about San Fermines which is festival in Pamplona in Spain which includes the world famous el encierro or the 'running of the bulls'. We started to get interested in bullfighting when we viewed the Walt Disney cartoon of Ferdinand the Bull, which coincided with listening to Mr Yates class's debate on bullfighting. Then we discovered that it was part of a much bigger festival with a very old traditions.

Here are some sites which will give you lots more information about the festival of San Fermin:

Here is a guide for tourists planning to go to San Fermin. It has lots of information and video clips.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on San Fermin

Here is a blog entry from a person who goes to Pamplona every year for San Fermin

Here is a karaoke version of one of the songs sung about San Fermin. You have to be fast!

There's plenty of other information you can find just by searching San Fermin.

Wednesday 20 October and Thursday 21 October

The Mangawhau (Year 3 and 4) Team Presents:



1 pm
The Gardens School Hall
Children: FREE
Adults: A gold coin donation
- pay at the school office
- please be seated for a 1 pm start

Huia 1 is attending the Thursday performance.

Bandanna Week - Fund-raising for CANTEEN
supporting young people living with cancer. Bandannas are being sold this week and next week at school for $4.00 each.

Tuesday 26th October -Rhythm Interactive Show (first day back after long weekend). $5 per student admission.

Thursday 28th October: School Athletics and Canteen Fun Day

Friday 29th October- Halloween disco.

Homework this week:
- Keep working on your speeches. We can start presenting them in class from about Friday if you are ready. Remember to follow the guidelines which you will find here.

- Remember the sheet you took home over the holidays for 'calendar art' ? This is to be completed at home and brought back to school if your family want to buy calendars of that art work. Discuss with your family what they, or the recipients of your wonderful calendar might like to look at - for an entire year. It can be a photo or art work or a combination. Nothing 3-D or sparkly as it will not show up.

- Check out Mitchell P's blog. He's having the most amazing time overseas - and has even flown a jet plane! Leave him a short message, if you like.

- Check out the websites about San Fermin. As you view material, can you think of things we do in New Zealand, which you do in your own culture or which you know happen elsewhere which are similar? What can you tell about festivals from your research?