Sunday, August 19, 2012

Romeo and Juliet - via txt msg Part 1

We looked at this video (below) of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and decided we would have a go at rewriting our favourite scenes as if the characters were sending text messages to each other. The good thing about this is that we don't have to be accurate with our punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Romeo and Juliet balcony scene
Pink is Juliet
Blue is Romeo

Romeo y r u romeo?It juss ur last stpd name                           

I'll change it, whatevs babe, nethn 4 u I'll nva b Romeo agen 

Wat?? Whos dis nd how did u get my #??                               

Cupid gave it 2 meh babe xx                                                   

Ive like barely read 100 words frm u but i kno who u r           

U don't hav 2 call meh Romeo babe if u don't want me 2 be a Montague.                                                                                 

Wot time  cn I see you  2moro?                                                 

9  am                                                                                          

kk, cu tomoz ;)                                                                           

Ramandeep, Alisha, Jessica 

Rosaline and Romeo

This is what Rosaline and Romeo would have said to each other if they were texting today.

Who is dis                                                       

Romeo daa like get wid it                                

Um wud txtn me                                              

Ily I wnt ta hang wid u l8er                               

Um ur like ugz an so last year                        

Ur jokin rite:(                                                     

Um dnt txt me and getta life:(                           

Kk soz fanx 4 makin maa life misrable:(          

Wat eva major loser 

 Romeo And Juliet: The Fight

Benvolio:   Romeo where r u                               
Romeo:     Coming                                                 
Tibalt:     Get 2 the town. I will fight u                    
Romeo: Peace Tybalt this is not right.
Mercutio  Fight fight                                   
                                 Nek Minute                        
 (Swords clash and bang) 
Romeo: Bring it on


Here's the first scene of Romeo and Juliet - (BBC 1978 version) Look for a very young Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter.)

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