Friday, August 3, 2012

Haiku Poems 1

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We have been learning to write haiku poems. 

A haiku poem is usually inspired by some aspect of nature. 
It has three lines; the first has five syllables,
the second has 7 syllables 
and the third line has 5 syllables. 

Here are our first efforts. We looked at some photos of our class garden (taken in summer) for inspiration. We worked in groups, then shared ideas, making suggestions on how each haiku could be improved. So, these are all a combined effort from Huia 1. 

Praying mantis kills
native caterpillar death
long legs, spider-like.

Look! Lurking around
praying mantis quick and green
vicious and sneaky.

Praying mantis, look,
insects beware, be careful
killer on the loose.

A cold green killer
munching on caterpillars
hiding in secret.

Voracious mantis
preying on caterpillars
slow food eaten fast. 

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  1. すごい!Japanese for AWESOME ! Pronounce each syllable and use Spanish-sounding vowels 'sugoi'