Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brand New Desks for Our Class

On Friday - the last day of the term, Huia 1 got brand new desks . Previously students had been seated around shared tables. Now there is an individual desk with lift up lid and a pull out tote tray for each student.

Here's some of the comments from Huia 1 students:

" They're wood so they're so much better. It's good because I have never had a desk before." Hunter

"I really like these new desks because we have more room in them." Sarah

"They rock. I'll have to get used to it." Brittany

"It was really exciting getting the desks and even more exciting because I got to help taken them out of the bug blue truck." Ben

"The desks are better because we don't have to always get up to get our books and pencil cases. Now we just have to lift the lid and our books are there." Bailey

"It's so smooth and nice. I love them. The desk will make me learn more about stuff. Thank you Mrs V and Mrs F." Kumiko

"I like the desks because I don't need to move to get my things." Sambit

"These desks are very cool and modern. The trays are bigger - I love these desks." Aminder

"I think it is very handynow. I think it is going to be much easier." Juliana

"They will help me get on with my work." Madison

"i think these will help us learn more because we won't have to get up and grab our books." Maria

"They're awesome but there are rules." Nathan

"They are great - better than the old ones. They are so convenient, with a tot tray holder underneath them. " Richard

"I am really enjoying the new desks but I am still getting used to them, which will take me a while. I feel like I have more room. I like having my books under my table. My work will now hopefully be cleaner." Erica.

"Wow! A new desk, The reason I'm happy is because I can get my books and pens very easily."Donny

"I think it looks cool and the room has more space. I am thanking the school for buying them and spending a lot of money on the students." Roneel

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Science Fair Projects

In Term 3 all the Intermediates completed a Science Fair project.

Below are photos of all the projects.

Each team had to pose a question; formulate a hypothesis and then devise an experiment to test their hypothesis. The finished project had to show all this information and include background research and a purpose for their experiment i.e. how could their information be used or who could use their findings.

The Science projects were judged by Science teachers from Alfriston College, who were impressed with the overall standard of our teams' work- especially the way variables (dependent, independent and controlled) were identified in each experiment.

"Banana Breakdown" Kumiko (and Gulnoza from Kea 1) EXCELLENCE award

"Metallic" Nickhil (and Nishanth from Kea 1) EXCELLENCE award

"Eating Electricity" Mighael, Richard, Anton MERIT award

"Absorbency H20" Ben, Hemant and Roneel MERIT award

"Captive Candles" by Rebekah (and Tracey from Kea 1) MERIT award

"Extreme Yeast" Sambit and Aminder MERIT award

"Grow to Grow" Hunter, Brittany and Nikeeta MERIT award

"Balance" So Yeon (and Caitlin from Kea 1) MERIT award

"Raisin Invasion" Juliana (and Darci from Kea 1) MERIT award

"Flower Power" Madison (and Katelyn from Kea 1) MERIT award

"Liquid for Life" Erica (and Pooja from Kea 1) CREDIT award

"Fizzeology" Bailey and (Gargan and Calen from Kea 1)CREDIT award

"Rocket Fizz" by Garrick, Mark (and Stanley from Kea 1) CREDIT award

"Coke with Baking Soda" by Chris, Nathan and Donny CREDIT award

"Finger to Finger" by Sarah Rosie and Ricki-Jean CREDIT award

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spanish Sentence of the Week (Español Oración de la Semana)

Each week Señora Lee will add a new sentence (or more) for us to learn. You may get the chance to use it at school, at home or with your friends.

Last week's sentences:

Hay terremotos en Nueve Zelanda. ¡No me gustan los terremotos!
[Eye terreh-motos en nwevay zay-larnda. Noh may goos-tarn loss terreh-motos.]

This means:
There are earthquakes in New Zealand. I do not like earthquakes.

Hay terremotos en Chile. Hay terremotos en Haiti. No hay terremotos en Australia.

This week's sentences:
Me gustan las vacaciones. [May goos-tarn larss var-car-see-o-ness.]
Mis padres no les gustan las vacaciones. [Meece pardrays no lays goos-tarn larss
Mis profesores les encantan las vacaciones.
[Meece proffeh-sore -ess lays en-carn-tarn larss

This means:
I like the holidays.
My parents do not like the holidays.
My teachers love the holidays.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reflecting on the Ball

Students were asked to write what they had learned since starting dancing lessons to prepare for the Intermediate ball. Here are some comments written by Huia 1 class members the morning after the night before:

- The one thing I learned was never wear high heels, but I am much better at the Circle Waltz. (Hunter)

- Last night was a ball! I had so much fun with my mates dancing to Saturday Night Fever, which I enjoyed. I also had fun dancing to Scotland the Brave. I had eye contact* and just got along with it. I loved my hair and I also liked Mr Yates' wacky dance. This afternoon, Brittany, Hunter, Kumiko, So Yeon, Richard, Bailey, Anton, Mark, Mighael and I performed, in front of the junior assembly, the ball dances. They were Cotton-eye Joe, Saturday Night Fever and Scotland the Brave (the Gay Gordons music). When Cotton-eye Joe was finished, I announced that there is a special surprise which was Mark shuffling. He was really good at it and I am really proud of myself and my mates. (Nikeeta)
* Note from Mrs Vincent: students were told they must have eye contact when they are asking or being asked to dance.

- The ball was really, really fun. I was half confident for dancing. (Chris).

- My dancing got better and I am confident to ask someone to dance. (Sarah)

- This week was awesome. I learned to control my nervousness. It was really fun but I had to leave early. (Erica)

- I was OK to dance with boys. It was a lot of fun. The funny thing was I came fashionably late. (Juliana)

- This week we learned the Snowball Waltz. It starts with one couple dancing, then they both choose new partners until everyone is dancing. I wasn't nervous about asking someone to dance. (Rebekah)

- (This week) I haven't improved on much but I did improve on my dancing...I did really well in my waltz. I have been following the formation left, right, left, right, and that's pretty much how it goes. (Bailey)

- I like dancing. I wished the ball was ever-lasting because I had a great time. I was very thirsty so I got a cup of water and drank it all within 10 seconds. But then I got a brain freeze which was bad. (Donny)

- Last night was the ball and it was awesome. I won as "Amazon" gift voucher for having the greatest time. I am really confident in asking a person to dance and I have really improved in my waltzing and I learned to dance to a new song called "Scotland the Brave" by Jay Jay. It is more like a techno song than a Scottish one. Another reason why I enjoyed last night was because it is my last year at this school and I really decided to enjoy myself. (Mighael)

- ...It was really cool. I learned lots of skills. It was fun and I can ask boys to dance. Learning to dance has helped me a lot. (Kumiko)

- This week at the ball I got a $20 gift card fot the best waltzing. (Garrick)

- This week I have improved in dancing. I am confident asking people to dance. (Mark)

-This week I have improved in persuasive writing and convinced Mrs Vincent to let us practise dancing. I am really good at dancing now. (Ricki-Jean)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Having a Ball!

Here are some of the photos from the ball. Well done everyone for a great evening.