Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Which Romeo and Juliet character would you choose to play?

 We are going to perform a short adaptation of Romeo and Juliet for a school performance. For part one of the audition, each student has to write about which character they would like to play - and why.  

I would like to play Lady Capulet because I know that Lady Capulet plays many emotions.  She is very sad at the end, concerned when she is asking Juliet about getting married, but through the rest of the play, she is happy or neutral. I think I would be good at portraying her and I have a bit of acting experience and would love to get more, and the best way to do that would be to get a part with lots of lines. I'm good at memorizing lines word-for-word from acting experience. I also like to talk a lot. My second choice  would be Juliet, or Lady Montague, for the same reasons. I'm good at holding facial expressions because of practice when I perform gymnastics. We have to look happy sometimes and serious other times, so I've had a few years of practice. I like acting different emotions and those characters have a lot of emotions, so those are the people I would love to play.

I want to be Mercutio because he is nice, kind, rich and a friend of Romeo.
I also want to be Prince Escalus because he doesn't let anyone have a fight.

I would like to be the nurse of Juliet. I like her character because I like helping people, and she helps Juliet the most. And I would like to be one of the citizens of Verona because I am shy and I don't like to talk a lot in front of heaps of people.

I would like to be a citizen of Verona because I'm shy to talk in front of people. I sometimes start mumbling so that's my first choice.  My second choice is to be a guard because they don't to much. As I said, I'm very shy.

I would like to be Juliet because I like to be active and talkative, and I have heaps of energy. I also think before I act. I would also like to be Lady Capulet if I don't get the Juliet part. I would be Lady Capulet because I'm caring and responsible like Lady Capulet.

I would like to be Romeo because I am most like him because sometimes I don't think before I do things. I would like to be Juliet because I have expression in my voice, and I am energetic and not shy to read a script. My first choice would be Juliet because Romeo is a guy,  and I know Juliet's character better then Romeo's.

I would like to be Tybalt becasue I like people that have fights, and I like that he's full of action. 
Cameron M

I would like to be Lady Capulet because she has authority and I think I would be able to bring maturity to the part. My second choice would be Juliet's nurse because she seems like a funny character to play. 

I would like to be a citizen of Verona because I feel like I could work comfortably in the background. I am never able to remember lines.

I would like to act as Mercutio because he stands up for his friends, and we have some similarities.

I would like to play the part of a shopkeeper because I don't want a big part. I would also like to be Peter the servant* because I can't see well, so I will be best at that position. He has a short part.
*In the play, Peter the servant cannot read.

I would like to be Romeo or Benvolio because Romeo  is a gentle guy and a nice guy, but he does not think. Benvolio is a nice and gentle guy and he doesn't like fighting. 

I would like to be one of the guards because I like to guard things for people,  and I get to be one of the first people to fight the intruders. 

I would like to play the part of Tybalt becasue he's got alot of anger and I think I can bring some experience and excitement to the role and the play.

I would like to be in the Verona fight where the Montagues and the Capulets start the fight. I would like to do that part because it is easy to act and I am pretty shy.

I would like to be Mercutio because he is kind-hearted like me. My second choice is the citizens of Verona.

I would like to be Tybalt because he is furious, and he is also my favourite character.

I would like to be Romeo because I have the experience, and he seems like a challenging character.
Cameron W

I would like to be a citizen of Verona because I am quite shy. If I'm performing in front of an audience it is easier if I'm in a crowd.

I want to be Mercutio because Mercutio stands up for his friends, and he is brave enough to battle stronger people than him.

I would like to be an attendant because I’m very shy in front of an audience and I don’t have a strong voice. My second choice is a guard because most of the time you just have to stand there.

I would like to be an attendant because I don’t want to say a lot like Romeo and Juliet because I am shy and quiet. My second choice is a guard because I don’t think they do a big part.

I would like to be Tybalt because he's strong and because he's tough and cool, and I'm like him in personality. And I would like to be Tybalt because he's nice and friendly.

I would loved to be Tybalt because I love action, and he is full of it. But sadly, I'm not going to be there because I'm getting braces.

Friday, August 24, 2012

More Romeo and Juliet Text Messages

Here are some more text messages between characters in Romeo and Juliet. There is also a quiz at the end.
The scene of the fight

Mercutio,Romeo, Benvolio, Tybalt.

Tybalt: Romeo u villain  I challenge u 2 a fight, just us.

Romeo: I'm no villain I lv u more then u think.

Mercutio : R u going 2 give up that easily Romeo :0.I can take u on easily Tybalt this is going to be fun.

Tybalt: Kk then @ noon we will fight only 1 of us will liv.

Romeo walks away, & Tybalt & Mercutio r fighting. Mercutio is slain.

Mercutio (in deep pain):  Tybalt has won, the blow mite not be that big but has served its purpose. Death is creeping closer.

Romeo: No No fight thru the pain ur all rite.

Mercutio : I hope both ur houses catch an awful disease for they have made worms meat of me.

Romeo : Tybalt, Mercutio's soul still roams thru the air & 1 of us will join him 2 nite. 

 Tybalt & Romeo r fighting furiously Tybalt is slain.

Benvolio : Away with u Romeo u will b doomed to death.

By Lauren,Bridget, Jupman

 Rosaline & Romeo Text Speech.

Romeo : O Rosaline how I lv u so will u meet me @ the dance tonite? 

Rosaline: Ew um who is this, O u no! & would u stop txtn me ur getting real annoyin 

Romeo: Plzzz anytin to c u babes ;)

Rosaline: OMG what part of no don't u get!!!!!!

Romeo: :'( I really do y don't u believe me.

Rosaline: Ugh I'm not listening to this by!, & ur lv is not true I bet u will be sayin this to some other pretty gurl. 

Romeo: My lv is sincere.

Rosaline: PFFFT yeah rite look leave me alone & delete my # now.

Romeo: :( Fine by.


 Romeo and Juliet Quiz  by Lauren
1. What two birds were mentioned when Romeo left Juliet to escape to Mantua? 
2.  Who does Romeo first love?
3. How old is Juliet?
4. Complete the sentence: "Oh, she doth teach the torches ........"  
5. What are the two family names?
6. Who dies first?
7. Who does Lord Capulet want Juliet to marry?
8. Who is Friar Lawrence?
9. How long does the potion Juliet took last?
10. Who looks after Juliet?
11. Complete the sentence:
     " My lips two ___ pilgrims ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss."
12. Describe Tybalt. 
13. Who is Mercutio?
14. Who kills Tybalt?
15. What house does Romeo belong to?
16. What house does Juliet belong to?:
17. What is Romeos punishment when he kills Tybalt? 
18. What town does Romeo flee to?
19. Who attempts to deliver a message to Romeo? 
20. How does Juliet die in the end?

1. Nightingale  and lark. 
2. Rosaline
3. 13 (in her 14th year)
4. ..to burn bright 
5. Montague, Capulet
6. Mercutio - killed by Tybalt  
7. Count Paris - a relation of Prince Escalus
8. Romeo's friend, priest and councillor
9. 48 hours  
10. Nurse 
11. blushing.
12. Angry, mean, nasty, unkind, hot headed, a Capulet
13. Romeo and Benvolio's friend, a relation of Prince Escalus 
14. Romeo 
15. Montague
16. Capulet
17. Exile, banishment from Verona 
18. Mantua
19 Friar John sent by Friar Laurence 
20. She killed herself with Romeo's dagger.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Romeo and Juliet - via txt msg Part 1

We looked at this video (below) of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and decided we would have a go at rewriting our favourite scenes as if the characters were sending text messages to each other. The good thing about this is that we don't have to be accurate with our punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Romeo and Juliet balcony scene
Pink is Juliet
Blue is Romeo

Romeo y r u romeo?It juss ur last stpd name                           

I'll change it, whatevs babe, nethn 4 u I'll nva b Romeo agen 

Wat?? Whos dis nd how did u get my #??                               

Cupid gave it 2 meh babe xx                                                   

Ive like barely read 100 words frm u but i kno who u r           

U don't hav 2 call meh Romeo babe if u don't want me 2 be a Montague.                                                                                 

Wot time  cn I see you  2moro?                                                 

9  am                                                                                          

kk, cu tomoz ;)                                                                           

Ramandeep, Alisha, Jessica 

Rosaline and Romeo

This is what Rosaline and Romeo would have said to each other if they were texting today.

Who is dis                                                       

Romeo daa like get wid it                                

Um wud txtn me                                              

Ily I wnt ta hang wid u l8er                               

Um ur like ugz an so last year                        

Ur jokin rite:(                                                     

Um dnt txt me and getta life:(                           

Kk soz fanx 4 makin maa life misrable:(          

Wat eva major loser 

 Romeo And Juliet: The Fight

Benvolio:   Romeo where r u                               
Romeo:     Coming                                                 
Tibalt:     Get 2 the town. I will fight u                    
Romeo: Peace Tybalt this is not right.
Mercutio  Fight fight                                   
                                 Nek Minute                        
 (Swords clash and bang) 
Romeo: Bring it on


Here's the first scene of Romeo and Juliet - (BBC 1978 version) Look for a very young Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Romeo and Juliet

We have been reading several different versions of the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. 
We have spent some time learning about the characters and how they affect what happens in the story. 

Here's a summary of  the first part of the play - by Jackie

          Once in Italy, in a place called Verona, lived two disgraceful families, the Montagues and the Capulets. They fought each other almost every single day.
          Then Prince Escalus said angrily, "Don't make your lives more miserable than they already are. Put your weapons down, or your lives will be lost!"
         " Where's Romeo?" asked Lord Montague. "He's always coming home late, weeping and locking himself away in his room."
         "I promise I will solve the problem," said Benvolio.

           Romeo sighed.
          "What's wrong?" asked Benvolio. 
          "I love Rosaline, but she doesn't love me," said Romeo.
          "You know what?" said Benvolio. "Let's gate crash the Capulets' party. I bet there's even prettier ladies there that you might want to meet."

Here are some of our ideas on our favourite characters and scenes in the play: 

My favourite character is: 

Juliet - because she stops to think about what she is doing and stands up for what she thinks is right. (Caitlin)

Juliet - because she  drinks the potion to be with Romeo, and then stabs herself and gives up everything for him. It's really sweet, and she's pretty. (Tegan) 

Juliet - because she is pretty and she's smart and she thinks about what she  is going to do before she does it, and that is smart. And she's really nice. (Jessica)

Tybalt- because he is not afraid to have a fight. (Trent) 

Mercutio - because he stood his ground and fought for his friends until he went down.(Rudadiso) 

Tybalt - because he is fiery, active and hot-blooded. (DC) 

Romeo - because he is a good sword fighter. (Akjot) 

Romeo - because he killed Tybalt. Tybalt deserved to die because he was an unkind soul. Also, Romeo would do anything to see Juliet.  (Lauren)

Benvolio - because he likes peace better than fighting. (Bridget) 

Benvolio - becasue he never caused a fight or killed anyone. (Jupman.) 

Mercutio - because he's different and likes to fight. He was also a friend of Romeo. (Flynn)

Romeo - because he's like me, and does not think before he does things. (Shayla)

Benvolio - because he doesn't do much and he is kind. (Kyran)

Mercutio - because he is not afraid to stand up to people for his friends. (Latrey)

Benvolio - because he's kind-hearted and noble and he likes peace. He's not afraid to tell the truth and threaten some people every now and then. (Cameron W)

My favourite character is Tybalt because I like the people who fight. For me, without Tybalt, you would never see how good a friend Mercutio was. Whenever there is a scene with Tybalt, I think, "Yes! This is going to be a fighting scene!"  I was very disappointed when he died. I  think he played a major bit in Romeo and Juliet because, when Mercutio comes in, you think he is just a funny joker and playing-type guy. But when Tybalt comes in, you see another side of Mercutio - he is a good friend of Romeo as well as a good fighter. (Tonu)

My favourite scene is:

- the Romeo and Juliet death scene because it shows how much they cared for one another, and they couldn't be apart. (Caitlin) 

- when Juliet is on her balcony and Romeo is underneath listening. It's really funny, and I love all of the sayings they say. (Tegan)
- when Tybalt kills Mercutio because there was a lot of action in that scene. (DC)

- when Romeo and Tybalt have a fight, because it's action, and I love action. It's thrilling to see who will die. (Trent) 

- the balcony scene because it's really meaningful and deep. I wish they did not die because they were in love. (Lauren) 

- when Romeo and Juliet die because it's interesting how Romeo kills himself then two seconds later Juliet awakes to  find him dead beside her. (Shayla) 

- where Mercutio is saying, "Borrow Cupid's wings and fly" because  it's a really good metaphor.  (Bridget) 

- when Romeo slew Tybalt. Tybalt gets what he deserves because he killed Mercutio. (Kyran)

 - when Mercutio and Tybalt have a fight because it shows that Mercutio is not afraid to have a fight, and because it is exciting to see who will win. (Latrey)

- when Tybalt fights with Mercutio and then Romeo because it shows Tybalt's determination. He always sticks with his word, and he is always looking for a battle with either swords or daggers. (Tonu) 

- when the Montagues and the Capulets made up. (Jupman) 

- when Mercutio stood up for Romeo and showed integrity and courage, even in a situation of life and death. It makes you see in life that friends can be there for you. (Rudadiso)

 Romeo and Juliet - The Balcony Scene by Text Message.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Haiku Poems 2

After writing group and class haiku poems, each student had to write a haiku independently. We used our class garden for inspiration. Some wrote a haiku  based on a photo of one of our monarch butterflies which hatched in our garden earlier this year, others looked elsewhere around the garden. We learned how to get maximum impact from only 17 syllables. We also learned how to hyphenate adjectives to help make our descriptions more precise. Here are some of the results:

Hanging by a thread
A butterfly clinging on
Not wanting to fall

Intelligent bug
White snow dots on flaming wings
Bring out the beauty

Gentle and tranquil
Sweet exquisite-winged angel
Flap your wings and fly

Spotty stripy heart
Pretty-patterned butterfly
Elegantly formed

A heart-shaped beauty
Exquisite appealing beast
Delicate round eyes

Impressive flyer
Slim, hopeful, intelligent
Silent creature dies

White-spotted outline
Exquisitely spreading wings
Slurping in nectar

Delicate creature
Orange, black, white spots and stripes
Butterfly, roam free
Trent O’S

Heart-shaped butterfly
White-spotted wings fluttering
Landing on the leaf

Heart-shaped butterfly
White, black and orange wonder
Perch’d in the  garden.
 Cameron W

Gliding in the sky
Setting off to live its life 
Fluttering black wings

Spotted, soaring, small
Mingling amongst leaves and twigs 
A glamorous sight 

Gentle orange wings
Crawling with insect-like legs 
Go and fly away
Big, white fluffy clouds
Silky-soft cotton candy
Hydrated and stormy
Different colours
Lavender, daisy and rose
In gardens they grow

Fast current flowing
Puddle river waterfall
Worldwide hydrating


Yellow red burning 
Blazing bright big blinding sun
Gigantic shiny                         

Friday, August 10, 2012

Acrostic Poems

 Part 3 of our acrostic writing. These are acrostic poems made    from students' names - using only adjectives.







Joyful, jumpy
Ecstatic, energetic
Short, shouty
Acrobatic, active 





Bright, Brilliant
Intelligent, Interesting
Gracious, Generous
Thoughtful, Thinkable