Sunday, December 11, 2011

Intermediate Speech Competition

Here are some photos from the Intermediate Speech Competition on Friday, December 9.

 Every single student in Year 7 and 8 prepared a speech and presented to the class. From these, semifinalists were selected to present their speeches to Miss Gifford and Mrs Fowler, who chose five Year 7 finalists and 5 Year 8 finalists.

 This is from the MC's script:
 In preparation for the speech competition, we learned  persuasive writing skills and pubic speaking skills, including voice projection, so the speeches are presented without a microphone.  

The adjudicator is looking for a 3-minute persuasive speech,  delivered clearly, confidently and fluently, using good volume and appropriate expression – but it is not a dramatic performance.

The speech should have an interesting introduction, a mix of research, personal information and opinion. It should flow logically and have a relevant conclusion.

The speakers must use cue cards and have eye contact with the audience.

And finally, the speech must capture and maintain the audience’s interest, persuade you  to think or feel as the speaker does and leave you with something to think about at the end.

Here are the finalists and their speech topics.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Movies from the STANZA competition - for New Zealand Students Learning Spanish.

Here are some of the Year 9 and 10 entries into the STANZA video competition. (We won the Primary School category.) We should be able to understand most of the Spanish used. How much can you understand?

Friday, December 9, 2011


Mathex-on-the-Court Week 7, 2011 on PhotoPeach

Thanks to Mrs Whitehead for organising a Mathex competition for our maths classes today.
It was a fun way to finish the term - and the year.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wearable Arts Show

Last week, on Wednesday November 23, we held our 2011 wearable arts show. It was an amazing
atmosphere and the field was nearly full.
The models got dressed in the classroom, with a bit of help from their group. After we were all ready, we went out on the top court for our cue to go to the field and wait. We had to be very quiet but, knowing Huia 1, that was hard. Once the Year 5-6s were finished, it was our turn to be in the spotlight. It was our responsibility to set the bar high - I think we did a great job.

As soon as the first group came out the audience looked impressed and the bar was set. There were 5 categories that represented the rise and fall of the Aztecs, who were an ancient human race (they came up with the chocolate of today). Each category had 2 groups to represent it, except the 'Legacy' group.

The first category represented the Aztecs wandering the desert for years, in search of an eagle with a snake in its beak, sitting on a cactus.
The second category showed the city of Tenochtitlan and how they lived before they were conquered by the Spanish explorers, which was represented in category 3.

Category 4 was all about what happened when the two cultures collided.

And finally, category 5 displayed the legacy of the Aztecs, e.g., chocolate and corn.

We have collected some opinions from Huia 1 students who were there. Here they are:

"I thought last night was a great night. And lots of people were there to watch their children." Sarah J

"I really enjoyed the event. I was happy that our group received an award." Krizelle

"I thought it was really good because there was lots of people watching us." Jackie

"It was fun and exciting but I was confident to go up." Karnjeet

"I really enjoyed the event and I was happy that Spanish explorers got an award. Danny

"It was fun.' Wade V.

"I think it was embarrassing because I was the model and I was wearing a girly mask." Matthew
"I reckon it was pretty cool because I got to show my abs!" Fa'afili

"Wearable arts was fun and I learned a lot of skills while making the art." Sarah I

"I liked seeing everyone in their art."Madison

"I liked everyone's art they created and I felt confident about my art my group and I made."Shayla

"I felt confident that our group did the best that we could."Caitlin

"I think after we had a little extra help from people I think that it looked all right." Tegan

"I think that if my group had done more work on our costume we would have gotten it finished, but I liked all the costumes on the night"Terence

"I enjoyed the night. " Chris

"I had a lot of fun being on stage." Jakob


Last week was Wearable Arts, the day when the whole school dressed up in their art and performed in front of a large crowd.

First, I had to arrive at 7:00 p.m., but I came at 6:30 because I needed to train Wade about what to do on the stage. Wade missed all of his training so I had covered for him.

Then finally Wade had arrived and I could start training him. I told him to get in the white t-shirt and the white trousers. After that, I quickly put the sail and the two belts on him and gave him his telescope and hat. I called Hunter to help with it. Then we got him in position and started. It took time but he got it - I think.

Finally, it was time. I just wished that Wade wouldn't muck up on the stage so I quickly went over with him again so I was completely satisfied that he knew it. Then it was our turn to go up on the stage.

My body shivered. In my mind I said, "Will Wade pull this off? Will Wade pull this off?" After a moment, the group needed to go on. I looked at Wade the whole time and he was doing what I told him to do. Once he got off the stage, I told him, " You did it perfectly!" After that we went in the class room.

I took all of his stuff off and we sat down. Then Mrs Vincent came in and said, "Will you look after the class room while I'm gone? And, don’t let any one in unless they have permission from me."

We said, "Yes."

In the class room was Fa’afili, Bhaban and me. We played hand games to entertain ourselves. A few minutes later, Rosie and Sarah I wanted to come in. We said, "Do you have permission from Mrs Vincent?" They said that they did so we let them in.

After they left, Mrs Vincent came back and asked if any one had come in. We said, "Yes, Rosie and Sarah I. They said that they had permission from Mrs Vincent."

"No, they didn't."

They lied to us then.

After a few moments Mrs Vincent and the other groups in my class came running back because we needed to go back for prize giving, so I quickly got the costume parts together again and put them on Wade. When we got up on the field, the prize giving was about start so Wade had to go and find a place to stand. Every one went silent to hear who won. Miss Castle was the speaker. I don’t know who else got an award, but in my class’, Hunter's group got an award for best use of recycled material ,and Jakob’s got the same.

The one who won the whole thing was Ineen’s group from the Seniors. They where pretty happy. I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get an award, but not every one wins.

Well, we did have an awesome time and that's what counts, win or lose.

By Karnjeet


Last week was the wearable arts show. It was cool.

I arrived at seven thirty five or six. I came up stairs and saw Matthew, Terence and Hoani. They shouted, "Fili!" and I quickly ran into the cloak bay - but there was no hope. Huia 1’s door was open. I went into the toilets but all of them came in. I was scared to take my t-shirt off.

I put my baby oil on - it was really slippery. I went inside Huia 1 with my baby oil on. Terence helped me put my garment on, also Mrs.Vincent helped. We were rushing to put it on. Mrs.Vincent tied the rosemary twigs on both my arms and legs.

I was ready to perform! I went outside waiting for the runner to call us. We went upstairs and we saw the tent. I was scared because three groups were left and then it was our turn.

It was our turn. I went up on stage, bare chested, painted towel, flax, rosemary and a sword. I finished walking up on the stage.

I wish I could do it again, but like Mrs.Vincent told us, "It comes once a lifetime."

by Fa'afili

Here is the commentary for our performance:

Huia 1’s art tells the story of the rise and fall of the Aztec Empire.

The god, Huitzilopochtli, told the Aztecs to build their city where they found an eagle, sitting on a cactus, holding a snake in its beak. The Aztecs wandered Mesoamerica for many years in search of this eagle.
This art shows the hardship of their difficult journey and the eagle warriors who protected the Aztecs on their way. Flax, feathers, wood, recycled clothing and papier mache were used.

When they found the eagle of the prophesy, the Aztecs built the city of Tenochtitlan. This art shows the juxtaposition of the sophisticated, spiritual and brutal aspects of Aztec culture, such as Quetzlcoatl, the feathered-snake goddess; agriculture, mathematics, jaguar warriors, arts, crafts, jewellery, temples - and the sacrifice of blood needed for the sun to rise every day – all developed over two hundred years.
Materials used include recycled fabric, yarn and accessories, dyed egg shells, feathers, flowers from our class garden, wire, flax and waste paper.
From the late 1400s, explorers and conquistadors arrived in search of gold, glory and conquest. This art represents the voyages of Europeans to the Americas and especially Hernan Cortes, the first European to see Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs had never seen horses and thought that they were half man and half beast. The globe is made with papier mache, lined with old maths tests.
The ropes are made from plaited supermarket bags. Other materials were packing foam, recycled fabric, yarn, cardboard and trousers from the Hospice shop.

What happens when two different cultures meet? The Aztec ruler, Moctezuma, believed Cortes could be a god returning, according to a prophesy. His cautious welcome ended in tragedy for both cultures.

These works represent two cultures – one believed in many gods who needed a sacrifice of blood for the sun to rise each day; the other believed in one god who had already made a sacrifice of his son. The art shows that communication was limited by differences in language and cultures.
The red and yellow represent the Spanish flag and the blood of conquistadors who were sacrificed to the Aztec gods. Materials used are cardboard, paint, flax, recycled clothing, fabric and accessories.

The Aztec empire was conquered by the Spanish through introduced disease and better technology and, over time, the two cultures merged to become modern Mexico. This art shows that today, the Aztec legacy lives on in words from the Nuahuatl language such avocado, tomato and, of course, chocolate – which is represented here. We used recycled fabric, cardboard, and chocolate wrappers (Thank you to everyone who ate chocolates to help us with that.)
And finally, the eagle with a snake in its beak, sitting on a cactus is still here today– as a symbol on the flag of Mexico.