Monday, December 28, 2009

Felices Vacaciones y Próspero Año Nuevo

By Mrs Vincent while Huia 1 students are on holiday.

Here are some photos from the last day of school for 2009. This is the last time we were all together as a class.

We had a lovely surprise visit from Mrs Willet, of Mauku school, who has been following our class blog with her own class. Can you find Mrs Willet amongst us? Her students were intrigued to see photos of Daffodil the Lamb in our classrooms because they have a "Calf Club" day at their school - sometimes known as Agricultural Day or Country Life Day etc - where they bring animals to school for competitions.

We also had our class morning tea as part of our prize for winning the STANZA primary and intermediate section of the ¡Aprender español es divertido! video competition. We had hot chips with tomato sauce, Coca Cola, Fanta or Sprite with ice cream, ice blocks and lots of lollies and chocolate. It was a great way to finish the year and to celebrate our win. We wanted to have a Spanish or Argentina theme to the morning tea but it was just too difficult to organise in a short time for the last day - so everyone had to ask for their food in Spanish instead. It was a good way of checking what the class had learned during the year and no one went hungry...

While we were waiting for the hot chips to arrive, every student was presented with a Huia 1 "Fantastico" certificate for a special achievement during the year.

We farewelled Theo and Mikayla who are going to new schools next year and Daniel who is now back home in Korea. We presented Daniel with a Maori bone carving of a fish hook as a memento of his time with us in Huia 1. The fish hook represents strength, good luck and safe travel across water.
Daniel receives his fish hook pendant and his Huia 1 leaving certificate.

Waiting for the hot chips to arrive....

Still waiting.... and watching the lollies and chocolate on the tables....
Eating ice-blocks

The last of the hot chips - with tomato sauce - a Kiwi "essential" .

Mrs Lee is making an ice cream soda for Caitlin. Place a blig lump of ice cream in a tall glass and then pour soft-drink over the top of it.

Our party also included the World Premiere of our second video: ¡Aprender español es divertido! parte dos navidad especial.

This was organised by Nikeeta and her team. The idea is to show what Christmas means to some of the students in our class and some of the different ways it is celebrated in New Zealand. You will notice that the background is often a "mirror image" because some of the recording was done straight onto the computer using the webcam and it seems to record that way. This was an interesting feature of the process. Here's some notes from Nikeeta, the producer:

Since our video called ¡Aprender español es divertido! is beginning to be popular on Youtube, we decided to make another movie named ¡Aprender español es divertido! parte dos Navidad Especial.We asked around all of the classmates if they would like to be in it. Some of the students said yes however some said no. We won't tell you who is in the movie, you will have to find that out for yourselves."

After the party we had our final whole school assembly which was also a farewell for the year 8s going to high school next year, other students leaving to go to other schools and a farewell to two teachers, Mr Williams and Miss Wood, who are going to new schools next year also.

Our Principal, Miss Fowler, farewells two of our staff members, Miss Wood and Mr Williams. Some of the Year 8 boys did a haka for Mr Williams.

The Year 7s are waiting to farewell the Year 8s.

At our school, at our very final assembly, the Year 7s sing a farewell song to the Year 8s who are walking around everyone else in the hall. Then all the other leavers join in walking around the hall as everyone else sings to them.

Well, that's pretty much it for 2009.
Enjoy your holidays.
See you back here next February with a new Huia 1 class.
¡Hasta luego!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

End of Year Bits and Pieces

Hi, I'm Shane and I want to tell you about what has happened in the the last few weeks of school. First there was the James Bond Water Day which I entered in with a team of five. It was Mark, Anthony, Nathan Stanley and me. The James Bond Day was a day where we act out as James Bond . You might have seen the movie Quantum of Solace or the 007 series and it was based on that. It was so cool but we didn't win. (P.S. I am very competitive for my age.)

This week I am missing my last few days of school to go down to Hamilton to represent my water polo club, called Mountfort Park. This is the most important tournament of the year so hopefully we do better than on the James Bond Day. This tournament starts on Wednesday and finishes on Saturday but I will still be taking part in the end of year prize-giving as I am a foundation student which means that I have been in the school since it started. This means that I am able to be in extra photos and I am a leader in the school.

I am a Year 7 this year and next year I will be a Year 8. That means I will be a role model and a leader in this school. I am already a road safety person - that means I help the little people cross the busy street and I also hope to become a councillor and a house captain and hopefully a wet day monitor. I hope to be nominated for sports cup and hope to win it but you can never be to sure, aye!

So, do what I have done and follow your dreams, then you can be the best in your age group for something like my water polo team.

by Shane.

Best wishes for your water polo tournament Shane. We look forward to hearing how you go. From your classmates in Huia 1.

Other bits and pieces added by class members and Mrs Vincent.

- Hello to Huia 1 student, Kenneth, who is already on holiday in the Philippines. We got your message. Caitlin brought a newspaper article about most active volcano in the Philippines starting to erupt. We hope you are safe.

Farewell to Theo and Mikayla who are going to other schools next year and to Daniel who is returning to Korea after being in New Zealand for over a year. We hope you keep in touch and follow us on the blog next year.

- Congratulations to all the students in Huia 1 who helped make the "Aprender Español es Divertido" , our two minute video which won the STANZA competition Primary School section a few weeks ago. We will be having our class party (which was the first prize) on Thursday morning where we will have the world premiere of "Aprender Español es Divertido 2: Christmas Special.

- In a few short weeks every one in the class has learned to play the ukulele. We now have a class set of brightly coloured instruments and try to play them nearly every day.

- The class has enjoyed learning social dances and are getting pretty good at the Maxina, Saturday Night Fever, Cotton Eye Joe, Run Run Rudolph, the Palais Glide, the Circle Waltz and the Veleta. Everyone is more confident dancing with a partner and we have competitions to see who is the best and who has improved the most. Competition winners for Saturday Night Fever were Mikayla, Juliana, Mighael and Kenneth.

- We have had 999 hits on our blog since June.

-Prize giving is on Wednesday night. The Intermediates are singing,"I Have a Dream" and, much as we all liked it the first time we heard it, we may never want to hear it again because we have practised it so much. Nathan, Rebekah, Theo, Te Ana, (Isaac from Kea 2 and Mark from Kea 1) are playing the guitars to accompany the singers.

- School finishes for the Christmas holidays on Thursday and starts again in early February.

Random Photos of recent activities.

This is Huia 1 when they are being sensible.
This is Huia 1 when they are not.....

We are all here except Kenneth (Philippines) and Shane (waterpolo tournament). Gulnoza is holding our class canvas-art work. It says "Somos el Huia 1 - We are Huia 1 2009" Theo and Gulnoza were commissioned to create an artwork which represented who we are this year. They chose a red frame and the Southern Cross from the New Zealand flag and a light blue background and the "Sun of May" to represent the flag of Argentina. This stands for all the Spanish we have learned and all our learning about Argentina this year.

Gulnoza designing a piece of art based on the flag of Argentina.

Learning to dance Saturday Night Fever in the hall.

Maria, Juliana and Jenna working on our class totem pole for outdoor art. They are gluing pebbles on shapes of hands.

Our class totem pole-makers. The team who won our class Wearable Arts competition got to make our piece of outdoor art. It represents all the cultures of our class. It was made from a recycled fence post (Thank you Mr Fowler). It is painted terra cotta which is our school uniform colour. Any visible pink adhesive was covered with another glue then sprinkled with sand so that no pink would show. We want people to be able to touch our art work (rather than have a sign "Don't Touch") and place their hands over our pebbled-hands to compare size.

Daniel learning to weed a garden in one of Culture Club groups. Goodbye from all of us at The Gardens school , Daniel. Keep in touch.

Jenna describing in Spanish which colour lolly she would like from Mrs Lee. We learned colours , numbers, questions and answers in Spanish using lollies.

Day One of ukulele lessons ..... there has been a lot of progress since this lesson. We cannow play at least four chords:C, F, G and A .

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Intermediate Ball 2009

Eighty-one Year 7 and 8 students went to the Las Vegas theme ball.It was in the the school hall and it started at 7 pm and ended at 10pm and it was on last Thursday night.

The students from the school council did the set up and the planning for the ball and the intermediate students did dancing lessons with Mrs Vincent two weeks before the ball .We started learning “Saturday Night Fever” for the first dance of the night but in the end it was one of the last of the dances we did. Some of the other dances we did were “Cotton-Eye Joe”, the waltz, the circle waltz and “Run Run Rudolph”.

We had heaps of food and heaps of dancing. Some girls had to take part and dance like the boys because there were more girls than the boys. The councillors did the first dance of the night the council boy had to say, “Would you like this dance?” to a girl and the girl councillors had to say it to the boys. It was quite frightening at first although you do start to relax after a while...

When we had partner dancing, we had other music playing and when a song came on that lots of kids liked they started to dance and sing with the music. Some of the girls and boys went a little bit crazy when the DJ played the most popular song.

The girls wore dresses, high heel shoes and the boys wore nice coloured ties with black pants. Before the dancing started, the girls had great fun showing off their new flash dresses they had got for the ball and the boys were sitting down, doing nothing.

All 81 kids had photos taken of them at the ball or at home with family and friends.

The music that was played was pop and hip hop and a lot more .
It was great fun and we all enjoyed it. We all got involved in someway...

By Nikeeta and Brittany.

Extracts from other students’ written work about the ball:

“I spiked up my hair with gel and I dressed my best to impress the girls. LOL.... (Laugh Out Loud) I think one of the greatest things I achieved last night was asking someone to dance. Once I did it, it was normal and I was not afraid...The ball was an amazing experience and I am really hoping to go next year.”

"I wore Lynx deodorant for men .... I felt like James Bond or Al Pacino....."

" I had to be the boy in nearly every dance..."

"When I first danced with girls I was so nervous I was paralysed with fear..."

"I'm going to be more confident next year...."

"My favourite dance was the circle waltz because you don't have to stick with the same partner and you can dance with a variety of people...."


Friday, November 27, 2009

¡Aprender español es divertido!

Some of the Huia 1 students entered a competition to create a video with the theme ¡Aprender español es divertido! (Learning Spanish is fun!) for a competition organised by STANZA which means Spanish Teachers Association of New Zealand Aotearoa.

1st prize is a $200 class party. We used iMovie and Garageband to create the video. We enjoyed making the movie because we made heaps of mistakes which were really funny and learned lots of Spanish. The whole class was involved in some way by playing games, singing, recording and videoing. Our video was made 100% by students in the class. Mrs Lee approved our Spanish punctuation but everything else is our own work.

These were the students who created the video:


Camera operators:
So Yeon,

So Yeon

Cast and Crew:
So Yeon
Huia 1

Special Guest:

Proudly Supported By:
The Gardens School

Be sure to check out the video on Youtube:

Mighael the cameraman.

Mighael and Roneel.

Director and camera operator Nikeeta.

Uploading the movie to Youtube. Some tense moments when we discovered it was going to take 3 hours to upload....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kumiko y Caitlin están hablando en español.

Kumiko está hablando en japonés, inglés y español.

Caitlin está hablando en español y inglés.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adryan and Stanley's Project

Buenas tardes,

Stanley, Reece, Jordan, Josh and I have been working in the Hard Materials room every Thursday with Mr Fowler.

We have been making puzzles out of thin pieces of wood using a band saw to cut patterns, and we’ve made wooden boxes to keep the puzzles in. We painted the boxes with 3 colours, and then when the paint dried, we had to write ‘The Gardens School’, our name, and draw the design of the puzzle on the box.

We made the puzzles especially for the New Entrants.

Our group all had a turn cutting pieces of long, thin wood to make lids for the boxes. It was quite difficult – Jordan cut the table!!! It happened because he wasn’t watching what he was doing. We all had a little laugh.

Mr Fowler taught us lots of skills:

- using safety equipment to protect our eyes and ears – we wore safety glasses and ear muffs;

- how to use the equipment and how it should be treated

We all liked working with Mr Fowler because he is cool. We all respect him, and he respects us.

We want to thank Mr Fowler for working with us.

By Adryan

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unos Alumnos de Huia 1

Check out out blog posting about the AFS student Carlos, from Paraguay, who visited us last week. It got published in the wrong place but click here and you will find it.

Meanwhile, here are some more stories from some of the students in our class, Huia 1.

Mi nombre es Maria. Soy de Manurewa, Auckland , Nueva Zelanda. Vivo en Los Jardines. Tengo once años. Mi cumpleaños es el veintiseis de septiembre. Hay cinco personas en mi familia. Tengo dos hermanos. Se llaman James y Patrick. Mi madre se llama Jackie. Mi padre se llama Kane. Mi escuela se llama Los Jardines. Mis mejores amigas se llaman Jenna y Juliana. Me gustan chocolate y la mùsica.

Maria samples crepes made in Poutama.

Me llamo Mighael. Tengo once años. Soy de Sur Africa. Vivo en Los Jardines. Tengo un hermano y una hermana. Se llaman Aaron y Maralize. Me gustan chicos buenos. No me gustan los chicos malos. Tengo un pájaro amarillo se llama Tweety. Juego el fútbol. Mi cumpleaños es el 17th de febrero. Mis amigos son Alwyn y Jacob y Ethan.

Mighael is taking a video of our group making empanadas.

Me llamo Shane. Tengo once años. Tengo dos gatos. Juego el rugby y el polo de agua. Mi cumpleaños es el treinta de septiembre . Tengo un hermano. Mis amigos son Mark, Nico, Calen, Anthony, Elliot, Andy y Kenneth. Soy de Nueva Zelanda. Vivo en Manurewa.

Nathan, Andy, Shane and Kenneth are making pizza.

Me llamo Roneel.Yo soy Manurewa, Auckland Nueva Zelanda. Tengo doce años. Me apellido es Roy. Yo soy bajo pero yo soy muy inteligente.
Mi comida preferida es coca-cola y pizza. Me gustan los computadoras. Juego el fútbol.Hay tres personas en mi familia. No tengo hermanos ni hermanas.Mi cumpelaños es el veintiuno de julio. Mis mejores amigos son Sambit, Aminder y William.

Mi nombre es Aminder. Soy de Manurewa, Auckland Nueva Zelanda. Tengo doce años. Mi cumpleaños es el once de agosto. Mis mejores amigos son Sambit, Roneel y William. Mi escuela se llama Los Jardines. Hay cuatro personas en mi familia: una madre, un padre y un hermano. Me gusta el cricket y fútbol. Hablo inglés y indio, hindi y un poco español.

Sambit, Aminder, William and Roneel are making a pizza.

Me llamo Theo. Tengo doce años. Soy de Nueva Zelanda. Vivo en Auckland. Hay cuatro personas en mi familia. Mi padre se llama Donald, mi madre se llama Maria. Tengo una hermana, se llama Charlotte. Mi comida preferida es macarrones de queso. Me gustan las camisetas Nike y los blue jeans. Tengo un perro, se llama Max y un gato se llamo Patch. Mis amigos son Elliot, Shane, Anthony, Calen, Andy y Josh.

Theo is trying out his first alfajore....