Sunday, October 7, 2012

Letters from Romeo and Juliet characters to each other

 If the characters of Romeo and Juliet sent each other letters or notes, this is what they might say . . .

Dear Romeo,
I'm worried about you. You are always in your room  with your windows shut and curtains closed. I may have to send Benvolio to get through to you. I wish you would tell me what's wrong. If I knew, maybe I could help.

From your mother, Lady Montague.

Dear Paris,
Would you marry my fair daughter Juliet? If so, meet me tomorrow and we will discuss it further. But only if your intentions are honourable will I let thee marry Juliet. 
From Lord Capulet (Lauren)   

Dear Romeo,
Cheer up mate. Let's go and gate-crash the Capulets' party. I will show you all the beauties of Verona. Compare her with some that I shall show you, and I will make thee think thy swan a crow.

From Benvolio (Tonu) 

Dear Benvolio, 
I know Romeo has been sad because he loves Rosliane. Tell him that there will be a party at the house of Capulet, and we'll gate-crash it and catch the Capulets by surprise. They will never know it was us. 

Mercutio (Jackie) 

Dear Rosaline, 
You are the sweet icing on the cake. You are a bright burning light and I am a mosquito  attracted to your flame. Would you meet me at the dance tonight? I would be honoured.
Love Romeo (Lauren)  

Dear Father Lawrence,
I saw a  girl so divine I fell in love with her at first sight at the Capulets' party. She is like a dove and better than Rosaline. I hope you can marry us today. 
From Romeo (Jupman)  

Dear Romeo,
Oh, why did you have to be a Montague! Couldn't you be a Capulet? For goodness sake, these family feuds are killing me. There's no reason for them,is there? If you can organise a priest we can get married as soon as possible. 
From Juliet (Alisha)  

 Dear Romeo, 
You made a fool of me last night at the Capulet party! Get ready to face my fury. I will kill you the next time I see you. I won't forget this, you vile worm!

Tybalt. (Trent) 

Get thee to the town square on Tuesday and you will wish you were never born. 

Tybalt.(Cameron W) 

Dear Lady Capulet,
Your cousin Tybalt killed my best friend Mercutio so I killed your cousin Tybalt. Tybalt and Mercutio did not like each other, and while my friends and I were in the street, your cousin Tybalt came, and they both started fighting. When they stopped, Tybalt killed Mercutio and after that I killed Tybalt. 
From Romeo (Akjot)   

Dear Romeo,
Why did you kill my cousin Tybalt?  Now you have to be exiled forever and we can never see each other. My parents are making me marry the Count Paris. So, I went to the friar and got a potion that will make it appear as if I am dead for two and forty hours.

 Love from Juliet.  (Kylah) 

Dear Romeo,
O, you were my love, but you slew  my cousin. Can I still trust you? Inside me there's love for Tybalt, but I still love you. But I have got other things on my mind. My parents are forcing me to marry Paris. What should I do? 

From Juliet (Cameron W)  

Dear Romeo,
Why did you have to kill Tybalt? We are never going to see each other again. I can't believe you are going to Mantua. I'm going to miss you so much. We need a plan. We can't be separated. My heart is broken. 
From Juliet (Jessica).   

Dear Romeo,
This is an official letter saying that you are now banished from Verona. If you enter Verona again, you will be slain. 

From Prince Escalus (Kyran) 

Dear Romeo,
 I bring news of Juliet. She has taken a potion, leaving her lifeless for two and forty hours. She will awake after that time. You must sneak into the Capulet tomb, checking for others that may be grieving. Ensure you are alone. 

I will be there when she awakes, and you will both escape to Mantua. I will take care of the families, as her parents will find her body gone. 

From your friend,
Friar Lawrence (Caitlin)

Dear Romeo, 
Your wife drank one of my potions and is now lying in the Capulet tomb. Come tonight and be there when she awakes. You both will escape to Mantua, and I'll sort things out. 

From Friar Lawrence

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Diary - by Romeo and Juliet characters

 Here are some of ideas of what we thought the characters in Romeo and Juliet would write if they kept a diary.

Dear Diary,
I saw a brawl in the streets today. It looked like the Montagues and the Capulets. I was thankful for Prince Escalus as soon as his horse trotted onto the scene. When he threatened the two families with their lives, their faces turned to stone. Then it was quiet until . . .

From a citizen(Tonu)

Dear Diary,
Today I had to really threaten those families to stop the feud. I am really sick of this. If ever they fight again, they shall pay with their lives. 
Prince Escalus (Trent)

Dear Diary,
Why do they have to fight over a feud? I hope my threat stops them from fighting in the streets. Seriously, why here, in Verona? I just want peace in my streets for once. I hope this feud will cease to non-existence. 
Prince Escalus (Bridget)  

Dear Diary,
I love Rosaline, but she does not love me. What does it take to make her love me? I've been weeping in the night and locking my self indoors during the day. Isn't that enough?
From Romeo (Jackie) 

Dear Diary,
Benvolio and Mercutio are hassling me to go to the Capulets' party to show me that Rosaline is just a crow, not a swan. But my love is set on Rosaline even though my heart was shattered after I found out she doesn't love me back.
Romeo. (Karnjeet) 

Dear Diary, 
Today I have a lovesick Romeo to find a remedy for. Luckily, a Capulet party is happening this evening, so I hope we can cheer up this sick Romeo at the party. We donned masks and found  our friend Mercutio who started teasing Romeo. I wonder where this will end up?
Benvolio (Bridget) 
Dear Diary, 
Today I convinced Romeo to go to a Capulet party, and I need to let him see all the admired beauties of Verona. I need to make him think his swan (Rosaline) is really a crow! 
Benvolio (Trent) 

Dear Diary, 
 I met this pretty girl. Her name is Rosaline. I love her, but she does not love me. But then, my friend Benvolio helped me and took me to the Capulets' party. 

There she was - my true love stood right in front of me - and her name was Juliet. We both started  liking each other, until the nurse told Juliet that I was a Montague, and I found out she was a Capulet. 

That night, she was alone on her balcony. She said really nice things, and she said if only I had another name. But she decided to marry me, and I'm very happy. 
Romeo (Ramandeep) 

Dear Diary,
Today I met Romeo.We locked eyes, which felt like forever. Then we shared our love with a tender kiss. His lips were as soft as a flower petal 
Juliet (Tegan) 

Dear Diary, 
I have never loved 'til this night. But when I found out he was a Montague, time seemed to freeze as I thought how my parents would think of me. They would be ashamed - especially my father. He would never let me set one foot in this house ever again. 
Juliet (Lauren) 

Dear Diary,
I asked Juliet what she thought of getting married. She immediately said she would not dream of the honour. I tried not to be angry and just let her be - although she will wed, whether she likes it or not!

Count Paris sent us a letter the other day, asking for her hand in marriage. I was thrilled that he asked for her, so I organised a wedding. Juliet will be so happy when I bring her the news. Count Paris has many riches and is even a relative of Prince Escalus. Maybe that will help us with getting those vile Montagues out of our streets.

I must go, as it is time for the feast.

Lady Capulet (Caitlin) 

Dear Diary,

Today is an awful day. Who does Romeo want? First he loves Rosaline, and now Juliet. What's in this boy's mind? I need to talk to him.
Friar Lawrence (Ramandeep)

Dear Diary,
That vile villain Montague was at the Capulet's party last night, and I had to leave because I was overcome with rage. When I next meet him, I will put an end to his miserable,worthless life. I will spill his blood on the streets of fair Verona, and dance with delight when the deed is complete. Vile MOntague, you will be food for the worms. they will feast on you and grow enormous. Already my day is starting to improve as I ponder on your fate. 
Tybalt (Flynn)
Dear Diary,
Romeo makes me so angry. I just want to kick and punch him in the face, but I can't because of the stupid laws. But I will not withdraw! I challenge Romeo to a fight!
Tybalt (Karnjeet)

Dear Diary, 
Today Benvolio  I went around Verona looking for Romeo, but all we could find was the Capulets' nurse. A few minutes later, we caught Romeo being threatened by Tybalt.  I was defending Romeo from his arch-enemies - the Capulets. Then, out of nowhere, I was stabbed. I cursed both houses before my death . . . 
Mercutio. (Jackie) 

 Dear Diary,
I hate Mercutio, because he is a friend of the Montagues. When I was walking past him and Romeo, Mercutio walked into me. He said to me, "You rat catcher!" Then I drew my sword and stabbed him. 
Tybalt (Glenton)  

 Dear Diary, 
Today the angry Tybalt killed my friend Mercutio and I got angry and killed him. The prince banished me so now I'm in Mantua waiting for word from either Friar Lawrence or Juliet.
Romeo; (Cameron W) 

Dear Diary, 
Mantua is boring without Juliet. Here comes Balthazar, my servant. I hope he has news of my Juliet. 
Romeo (Cameron W) 

Dear Diary,
Today my mother told me that I had to marry Count Paris, but I begged my father not to make me marry him. He growled at me and told me to be at church on  Thursday  - or never look him in the face again. Sigh . . . I don't know what to do now. Maybe the friar has a solution to the problem. 
Juliet (Bridget) 

Dear Diary, 
What has happened to my daughter? She used to be so lovely, so obedient. She made her father very angry, and she has disappointed me. I wish she would obey her parents.
From Lady Capulet (Jessica) 

Dear Diary, 
What is wrong with my daughter who will not marry the gallant Count Paris? He is so rich and we will be a relative of Prince Escalus - who I hope will help us get rid of those vile Montagues. We have got to be the luckiest family ever. 
Lady Capulet (Bridget) 

Dear Diary,
My son is banished, my wife is dead. I have nothing left. 
Lord Montague.  (Cameron W)  

Dear Diary,
My madam is dead, my job gone. What to do? 
Nurse. (Cameron W) 

Dear Diary,
My love dead! I am in Mantua far from her. I will be with you, my love, very soon. I defy you stars! I bought a poison for me to die so I will be with her in the sky. I am coming my love.
Romeo (Bridget) 

Dear Diary,
When a servant told me Juliet was dead my heart broke in two and I had trouble keeping it on the left side of my chest. I bought a poison and went to my wife's tomb.

Dear Diary,
Today some teenager came to my shop demanding poison. I know it was against the law. I also know that he was leaving and had 40 coins. I really needed the money, so I sold him the poison. 
The apothecary.

Dear Diary,
My love has died on my lap. What bad timing for him to die when I wake up. If only he had waited five minutes instead of killing himself immediately we could have been alive together. Well, I guess I have to kill myself to be with him. Bye bye world, Now I die. 
Juliet (Bridget)  

Dear Diary,
Juliet comes to me weeping that her parents are going to make her marry Paris - but she is already married. So then I give her a potion so her parents will think she is dead, but she is really sleeping for a long time. Then Romeo and Juliet can escape. But my plan failed. Romeo killed Paris and then he killed himself because he thought Juliet was dead. Then she woke up and saw that Romeo was dead and she killed herself with a dagger. 
Father Lawrence (Jupman)