Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maori Language Week

This  past week was Maori Language Week.   In Huia 1, we practised saying this Maori saying from the NZ English Curriculum document.
Ko te reo te tuakiri
Ko te reo tōku ahurei

Ko te reo te ora.


(Language is my identity.
Language is my uniqueness.
Language is life.)

We had a competition to see who could say it the best. Shayla and Hoani were easily the best so they were the judges for the rest of the class. After several rounds and eliminations, Jessica and Danny were the eventual winners. (They won a chocolate bar each - and the judges got one each, too.)

We also did the New Zealand  Herald quiz for Maori Language Week.
Quiz on Maori greetings
Quiz on body parts 
Quiz on food and drink 

In art options, we looked at images of koru and fern fronds and sketched them - or designed our own koru symbols. Then we wrote Maori proverbs around the outline of the koru.
Trent G





Te Amo

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces

 It's been a while since we posted any blogs so here's some photos of things that have been happening in our team and class over the past few weeks.

Anyone have any idea what kid of spider this could be? Mrs Dobson found it on the wall outside the library. We didn't think to put something alongside to show the comparative size - but Mrs Dobson assures us it was big. 

Trolley Derby - with trolleys modified from the last trolley derby two years ago.

Karnjeet and Kylah.

Rudadiso and Glenton.

We lost the olive tress over the holidays. They had to be taken out because they were dropping too many leaves on the asphalt and were getting too big for the space they were in. It's time to weed the garden now that all the caterpillars have gone.

Research for science fair.

Working on the science fair boards.

Danny is really enjoying reading.

DC loves reading.

Jackie, Flynn and Tonu enjoying their reading.
Trent and Hoani working on Mathletics.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Acrostic Poems 1

 This term, we are learning about poetry, plays and performing.(Did you spot the alliteration there?) We  have started with acrostic poems. An acrostic poem uses the consecutive letters of a word as the first letters of words to describe the chosen word.

To make it a poem (and not a shopping list) words should be  selected  and sequenced for the sound and rhythm they make when read aloud.

In the following poem, we chose our class's name - Huia 1 - and everyone suggested words to use for each letter. To make it more specific, we used only nouns which had some relevance to us. Some words were discarded is the editing process.  If you know us well, you will understand why we chose these words.

Happiness, history, homework, help
Unity, ukulele, unanimity, unique
Identity, Ireland, iPad,  integrity, Intermediate, Internet
Awhitu,  anthology, ability, acknowledgement, achievement, ANZAC

Opportunities, organisation, orchestra, onomatopoeia, opinion, ourselves,
Narratives,  nature, novel, nationalities, neatness, notebook,
Español, etiquette, education, environment, excellence, effort