NZ Longfin Eel Research

A video about the NZ longfin eel: Anguilla dieffenbachii

A video about some men who catch and release longfin eels.

Here's a video taken underwater of some longfin eels being fed.

Here's a video of longfin eels being fed - up close.

Here's a video about eel migration from the South Island.

Here's a video about the Maori perspective of the longfin eel: kuwharuwhau.

Here's a news item from 2008 about the longfin eel becoming endangered.

Wikipedia entry on the  NZ longfin eel 

Life cycle of a long fin eel - told in the first person.

Basic information on the longfin eel.

Easy to read information from the Department of Conservation.

Here's a link to a pdf with loads of information and pictures of the longfin eel, including its significance to the Maori.

Here's a short tv programme about the longfin eel.   

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