Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Important Message to Boys

Mwaniki wanted to do his Comic Life poster presentation on cancer, and he decided that to be more specific, he would target his message at the boys.

"I decided to use humour because  not many people are interested in talking about men's bits. (We are all growing up ...)"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Look who hopped (literally) into our school today

Mrs Whitehead in Kea 1 - ever ready with her camera and her clever eye for an excellent photo - took these shots ( and not with a gun ) this morning outside her classroom.

We wonder if Peter Rabbit was on his way to the Poutama vegetable garden.

Can you understand this story about the rabbit - in Spanish? 

¿Qué está haciendo el conejo?
El conejo
está corriendo.

¿Dónde está el conejo?
El conejo es debajo del banco.

¿Qué tiempo hace?
Está lloviendo

Where is the rabbit?
The rabbit is under the bench.

What is the rabbit doing?
The rabbit is running.

What is the weather?
It is raining.

What is the same between questions in Spanish and English? What is different?

(Improvements or corrections  to our Spanish are welcome)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holes by Louis Sacher - Characters update up to Chapter 20

 It's now Term 4 and we are continuing with our Holes novel study - often making comparisons with our previous novel Private Peaceful

As we read more, we are finding out more about the characters we met last term. Here's what we have found out extra  about the characters up to Chapter 20.

Stanley – is Stanley Yelnats IV, is named after his ancestors, his last name is Stanley spelt backwards, he is in the wrong place wrong time, he has been found guilty of a crime, thinks he is 'defective', shrugs one shoulder,  given nickname "Caveman" by X- ray, biggesgt boy in D Group, used to want to work for the FBI, 

Father – is an inventor, he perseveres, he is trying to invent a way to recycle old sneakers, he doesn’t eat when he is working hard on new idea, he sang the song If only to Stanley

Guard – sleeps on the job, wears sun glasses, carries rifle,

Bus driver

Judge – gave Stanely a choice jail or Camp Greenlake

Mother – is optimistic and positive – looks at how lucky they are whenever they seem to strike bad luck, believed in telling the truth,

Warden – is selfish – “owns the shade” and the hammock, makes them dig hole; is a woman, tall, red-haired, black cowboy hat, black boots studded with turquoise stones, has freckles on arms and face,  says,"Excuse me?" doesn't like to be argued with or questioned,  knows all the boys' nicknames, can be nice and nasty,  wears red nail polish made from snake venom,

Kissin' Kate Barlow – (Character from the past), famous outlaw, kisses people after she killed them; she didn't kiss Stanley's great-great grandfather

Great-Great Grandfather : (Character from the past) Stanley's father's 'dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-grandfather, he made a fortune on the stock market, he was robbed by Kissin Kate Barlow and left stranded in the desert - but she never killed him; he stole a pig from a one-legged gypsy who put a curse on him,  named Elya Yenats,  born in Latvia, fell in love with Myra Menke when he was 15,  became very strong carrying the pig up the mountain every day, didn't believe in the curse, felt terrible for forgetting to take Madame Zeroni up the mountain, moved to America, married Sarah Miller,  lived happily but dogged by bad luck, was always looking for Madame Zeroni's son,

Mr Sir – quit smoking, eats sunflower seeds instead, irritable, not fond of campers, has a tattoo of rattle snake, looks tough – wears a cowboy hat, is strict – like Horrible Hanley in PP? Makes sure everyone knows the rules and boundaries, is sarcastic – cruel?scared of the warden, reminds boys that they are not Girl Scouts,

Mr Pendanski – Stanley’s counsellor, seems to be nice – not as scary as Mr Sir, nose badly sun burnt, called Mom by the boys, acts like most American parents (evidence from Conor), gets boys to set goals, realise that they are there because of their own choices, is quite mean to Zero, is scared of the warden,

X Ray - Rex - nicknamed , wears glasses, chooses shortest shovel so doesn't have to dog as big a hole, stands first in line for water, bullies Stanley into giving him anything interesting he finds, next smallest after Zero, says,"Am I right or am I right?", black,

Squid  - Alan – white kid –laughs at Stanley for writing to mother, third in line for water, denied crying in the night - said he had allergies, threatened to break Stanley's jaw if he opened his mouth,

Barf Bag – Lewis – in hospital (Did he get bitten by a scorpion, rattlesnake - or yellow-spotted lizard - on purpose?)

Magnet - Jose - nicknamed, fifth in line for water, likes animals, Hispanic, stole sunflower seeds from Mr Sir,

Armpit - Theodore -  spits, is rough with Stanley - pushes him over, second in line for drinks, biggest boy in D Group after Stanley, black,

Zig Zag - Ricky - long skinny neck, big round head, wild frizzy blond hair sticking out in all directions, head bobbed up and down like it was on a spring, fourth in line for water, cut Stanley's neck with shovel, wouldn't move dirt because Stanley's dirt was on top of it, white,

Zero - has no real name, stands last in line for water, smallest kid in Group D, first to finish digging holes, digs perfect holes, says very little, usually has angry expression, big smile,  like a jack o' lantern, likes to dig holes, can't read, doesn't know any nursery rhymes or TV programmes, black,

Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingstonefamous basketball player, donated sneakers to auction for homeless people, once lived in a homeless shelter,

Derrick Dunne - school bully, much smaller than Stanley,
Myra Menke - nearly 15, head as empty as a flower pot, beautiful, delicate, spoiled, doesn't really know who Elya is,

Myra's father - doesn't care who marries his daughter - just wants the biggest pig,  spoils his daughter,

Igor Barkov - wanted to marry Myra,  57 years old,  red nose, fat puffy cheeks, pig farmer,  offered to trade fattest pig for Myra's hand in marriage,

Madame Zeroni - old Egyptian woman, told Elya stories, dark skin, very wide mouth, had no left foot, spits, advised Elya to go to America, gave Elya a pig to raise, made Elya keep a promise to carry her up the mountain to drink the water, taught Elya  a special song to sing to the pig,  threatened to curse Elya's family if he didn't fulfill his promise, 

Sarah Miller  - married Elyua,  could push a plow and milk a goat, could think for herself, intelligent, asked Elya to teach her Madame Zeroni's song, had son called Stanley,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Looking back: Term 3

 This term, we have had Mrs Irwin share teaching the class since Week 5.
 Here's a selection of comments written about Term 3 - on the last day of the term:

I'm learning artwork with Mrs Irwin because she teaches me a lot of different styles and methods. I'm getting quite confident speaking in front of the whole class. I am also liking Holes  as well. I like making up pictures in my head because I like to have my own imagination about things.

This term has been a good term for me because I have learnt a lot. We finished the book Private Peaceful which is my favourite book. The story had a sad ending, but it was written so well. We also had Mrs Irwin in the class for half of the term and we learnt a lot about the America's Cup with her. We have just started ab book called Holes.

We started by working on Vincent van Gogh and we learnt a lot about him. We also learnt about the longfin eel, New Zealand artists, the America's Cup, and Maori patterns.

We did art work with Mrs Irwin that represented our family, and we also did posters about NZ artists. I did Timo Rannali and I was given an A- for it. I've finished reading the Percy Jackson series and finished two of the Roman series books. And I went to the Highwire course - it was fun.

I have learnt about the different unique patterns used in Maori art. We were watching the America's Cup with suspense until the very end. We lost, Oracle won; however, we are still proud of them.

My favourite part about learning about Vincent van Gogh was also the saddest part for me as well. It was that he was mental and couldn't cope with life so he shot himself - and it took him two days until he actually died.  We finished Private Peaceful, and in the end I didn't get it because it finished too quickly.  I learnt that there are different ways to present information. We have been practising our dancing for the school ball. I learnt that dancing with boys may seem hard at first, but the more you dance with boys the more confident you get.

Mrs Vincent is reading Holes and we've been looking at flashbacks in a story, foreshadowing and conflict with self, others, technology and nature. For homework, I chose the NZ artist Rei Hamon.

I have learnt a lot of things such as how to draw art on the computer on Art Rage because normally it's on paper with a sketching pencil.  I have also learnt many maths strategies such as rounding and compensating.

This term I had so much fun. We learnt about Vincent van Gogh's art, and I've learnt about longfin eels which is very interesting; however, I really liked dancing - it was so much fun. Cotton Eye Joe and the Circle Waltz are my two favourites.

With Mrs Irwin we did a lot of word study and reading and understanding poems. We got to do art with her; however, her standards are high.

The best project I have done was the NZ art project. My artist was Rei Hamon who is famous for his landscape art. The reason I chose this artist is because I was inspired by his realistic art.

I have learnt this term how to draw - like smudging, whisper, e's, x's, and shading. I really like how I have learnt about maths this term, like algebra and geometry, and that was very helpful. I have learnt about the longfin eel as well, like how it has sharp teeth and sensitive skin.

This term has been short and fun. During the start of the term we continued reading Private Peaceful. It had a very sad ending that I wasn't expecting.

Last week I had to present my poster in front of the class and I was very nervous, and I don't think I will be ready for speeches in Term 4. We also did our first book review with Mrs Irwin, and I think I did well.

In the America's Cup we were soooooo close to winning the cup. I enjoyed dancing with many students and teachers. I am so pleased with coming 46th in Cross Country. My goal for next term would be to learn my vocabulary. I am not enjoying my maths because I am finding perimeter and area difficult.

This term we learnt about Vincent van Gogh and how he changed his paintings from dull colours to vibrant colours. We also have been researching New Zealand artists and do a project about one. I chose Richard John Frizzell- he does cartoon art. He is famous for his Four Square man and his Micky to Tiki. We have learnt vocabulary about the America's Cup, such as regatta, catamaran and yachting. We have had the privilege of Mrs Irwin in our class for three weeks. We learnt a lot of vocabulary and we also had to design our own kowhaiwhai patterns.

I learnt that the yachts they used for the America's Cup were called catamarans. We had to choose a New Zealand artist for our homework, and I chose Don Binney. I learnt that he was best known for his striking, crisp paintings - plus I got an A+ for presentation, and an A+ for information. We did some koru patterns for our art. The pattern had to represent our family, and we had to blend the colours. When I finished my art work, Mrs Irwin said it looked amazing, and I was pleased.

Today is the last day of term and we are having a celebratory mufti day and sausage sizzle. I also wrote a book review on The Lost Hero. 

The ball is coming up and the Year 7s have been practising their skills every opportunity they get. This year, the America's Cup was up for grabs, but Team Oracle won it this year. Team New Zealand looked like they were going to win with a score of 8 - 2, but Oracle got 6 in a row and won.

In maths we have learnt algebra and how to use a compass and protractor. We have been full on learning dancing and about the America's Cup. Sadly, we lost it, but we still had fun learning all about it. In Spanish we have learnt lots of things, especially songs. And we did art that represents our families.

I have learnt a lot in dancing, like the Maxina - even though it was confusing at the start. In Spanish, I learnt a lot of new songs with Mrs Lee. My favourite is ¿Qué hora es? (What's the time?)