Monday, December 17, 2012

End of Year Alphabet

Here is an alphabet of words which have significant memories for Year 8 students in Huia 1 this year: 

A - anthology, ANZAC Day, acrostic poems, assembly, assonance, Awhitu, apostrophes,
B - box, beach, ball, butterflies, biology, basic facts, badminton, bowling
C - cooking, choir, camp, Castaways, current events, Capulets, caterpillars, capital letters,
D - daffodils, dental nurse, dancing, drama, drop-cover-hold, doona,
E - eggs. egg nog, education, energy, eels, Espanol, empanadas,
F - fish pie, friendship, Ferdinand the Bull,
G - guitar, garden, Gangnam Style, Grand March, Gay Gordons, Miss Griffin
H - hospice, Huia 1, hobo stoves
I - invertebrates, Intermediates, interesting, invierno, Mrs Irwin
J - Juliet, jump jam, James Bond,
K - keyboard, Kidz Cafe, knowledge,
L - languages, learning, La Boca, Mrs Lee, lighthouse
M - Mount Tongariro, monarch butterfly, mufti, Matakawau, mud slide, Maxina
N - numbers, narratives, nonsense
O - Olympics, options
P - Poutama, PE, poetry, portfolio
Q - Queen Victoria, quizzes
R - R.S.A., rockets, Romeo
S - Shakespeare, Spanish, sewing, sausage sizzle, speeches, singing, Speed your Journey
T - tests, Treaty of Waitang, Totara Park 
U - ukulele, Uno, Dos, Tres, uniform,
V - vocabulary, visitors from Australia, video competition, Mrs Vincent
W - White Island, winter wonderland, Wodonga, Mrs Whitehead, waltz, Wai Care
X - Xmas,  exchange students,  expression in drama
Y - year, Mr Yates
Z - zeal