Friday, May 18, 2012

La Comida del Campamiento

Tegan: Me gustan comer las hamburgesas con carne, zanahorias, pepino, queso y salsa. Me gusta más el chocolate caliente cada noche. 

Lauren: Me gustan comer los nachos con carne molida y queso. Me gustan más las salchichas en pan con salsa. 

Caitlin: Me gustan comer las tapas, especialmente las albondigas en salsa tomate.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ANZAC Day Assembly

We have had such a busy start to the term. Week 1, the Intermediates were busy researching, preparing and practising for our ANZAC assembly on the first Friday of the term. Then, Week 2,  we were very busy preparing for our camp at Awhitu. Week 3, we were away at camp, and now, Week 4, we are busy catching up on everything as well as doing after-camp follow up - including writing many thank-you notes to all the people who helped make out camp such a success.

Meanwhile, here are some of the class's comments and a slide show about our ANZAC assembly:
Here is a link to the You Tube video of the Flanders Fields music 
Today at the ANZAC assembly, the choir sang Flanders Fields and Abide with Me. The speakers were Shayla, Kobe, Bhaban, Jack and Tegan, and the introducers  were Leon, Mannat and Selena.
Members of  the Manurewa RSA came to our assembly. Some people had tears. Some people were wearing family's or their own medals. Today was very cool. The RSA  president said we probably knew more than he did. He also said that we would be very good leaders.
 The RSA had morning tea with guests and some students. Renae, Laura, MAddy and I did the dishes after they all had finished.All day, poppies were worn. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. Kylah

I felt the poem "The Soldier Dream" had a real impact on the RSA members who fought in Vietnam. The ceremony brought tears to the RSA members' eyes. I thought the ceremony was very effective and improved a lot from last year. Caitlin
The RSA members were really nice. I felt scared I would mess up my part and say the wrong thing, but I got through it and wasn't scared anymore. My Mum and Dad and Nana came and I was so happy that we brought tears to their eyes. Tegan
I learnt so much about ANZAC Day today. It was really interesting to know that people who have gone through a lot of bravery to fight for their God and country. I also loved singing those songs that soldiers wrote and sang. I learnt that it doesn't matter what kind of poppies people wear - it means the same thing. I didn't do much at the assembly but sit in the audience. I'm going to take part in speaking next year. I liked the way the RSA speaker said we knew more than they did. Alisha
Here is a link to our previous ANZAC blog post - with pictures

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Camp Photos

I'm looking forward to seeing students' photos - especially of the cowshed and milking cows, orienteering and the visit to Crab Island - because I have none of those.  Year 8s might like to upload your  best photos onto your kidblogs so your own class can also see them 
Learning to use a fire extinguisher.

Practising using a fire extinguisher. Note the cattle  in the background - authentic evidence that this is a rural fire force.

Running out a fire hose

Using the fire hose.
Rolling up a fire hose. 
Volunteer fire fighters

Spanish night - 12 different tapas to choose from. Muchas gracias  señora Lee.  
Sangria - non-alcohol version.
Sunrise on the last day at camp - looking towards Manurewa.
Matakawau Point when the tide is in. This is in the paddock beside our camp.

Relaxing before heading back to camp to catch the bus. Note the danger sign. (We were on the safe side of the danger, by the way ... )

Beach-combing treasure,
Investigating trial and error.

Fun in the sand.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Camp Photos - Part 1

Here's a random sample of photos from camp. There are lots and lots more photos to come. This is to show you some of the activities we did during our week at the Awhitu Environmental Camp.

Day 1 at the beach investigating.

Danny meets stock. Stock meets Danny.

What is the circumference of one of the oldest and largest macrocarpas in New Zealand?

Autumn fun. Testing the direction of the wind.

What to do on a very rainy afternoon and evening with no battery operated technology - or computers.

What to do on a rainy evening ....

Paul tells us about the Orpheus shipwreck and lighthouses.

What's inside a lighthouse?

This is how high we climbed. Can you see the bus? This is what it looks like when you have your head in the clouds.

Miss Murphy calls a spade a spade!

To get to the tree-planting area, some people had to leap over a ditch.
Mrs Whitehead's infamous zoom slide - or what happens when you leave the zoom slide.

The zoom slide becomes a mud slide.

How much fun can you have with a piece of black polythene, a fire hose and detergent?
Don't expect to stay clean ...

It helps if you see where you are going ...
Happy birthday Jackie and Jessica.

Tree planting at Orua Bay. Can you see the sea in the background?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Year 8s at camp

This is the view from our camp ...

Just a quick note to let you all know that camp is going extremely well - even when it is raining for hours on end! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ANZAC Day - Assembly 27th April

Two days after ANZAC Day, our Intermediate students hosted guests from the Manurewa RSA at a special ANZAC Day assembly. Here are some photos taken by Mrs Whitehead.

Mrs Whitehead's class and Mrs Irwin's class made the wreaths for our ANZAC assembly.

Tonu, Cameron and Karnjeet collect donations for poppies.

Members of the Manurewa RSA with some of our class.

Members of the choir sing "Abide With Me"