Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lost and Found: What's living in our garden?

 Here's a link to Kereru 1's  video about bullying. It has some powerful messages.

Read the latest school newsletter; you never know when Mrs Fowler will ask us a question about it at assembly.
Our swan plant was looking pretty sick. Over Easter, the three caterpillars disappeared. We thought they weren't old enough to make a chrysalis, and wondered if someone  had taken, or harmed them.
But this week, three caterpillars appeared on another healthier swan plant at the other end of the garden. We wondered if someone had transferred them. There does not appear to be any other monarch caterpillars around our garden this year. 
The aphids - and lady birds are back.

You can almost see the bee's knees . . .

Another caterpillar in our garden. This is not a monarch caterpillar. Is it helpful or  harmful? What kind of butterfly or moth will it change into?

We enjoyed reading about  Mrs Whitehead's pigeon (kerereu) rescue. You can find out more about it here.   We are looking forward to hearing about its progress.

On Sunday, Karmveer and Corbin are representing us at the Sunrise Walk to help raise funds for the local hospice. The class have brought donations to help support our two boys and the cause.

Our Rugby Picks for the Weekend:
(Winning team and winning margins written first)
Brumbies 13+ against Highlanders Picked the winner but not the right margin
Chiefs 1 - 12 against Reds
Blues 1 - 12 against Hurricanes
Rebels 1 12 against Kings
Crusaders 13+ against Force
Sharks 1- 12 against Stormers
Cheetahs 1-12 against Bulls