Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Merienda and Alfajor Stories

On the 25 de mayo our class celebrated Argentina’s independence from Spain and the first parliament in New-Zealand so we had a merienda. We had alfajores, bizcochos and jamon y queso sandwiches. We couldn’t have empanadas because they are not easy to find in New Zealand, so instead we had meat savoury pies which are a very traditional NZ party food.
These are some alfajores and bizcochos from Argentina. Mrs Vincent cut the alfajores into small pieces so there were enough to go around.

We also tried mate, which is an Argentine drink made with yerba mate leaves and hot water. People in Argentina use bombillas ,which are metal straws with a filter on the end so the leaves don’t go up the straw and into your mouth.

When Senora Vincent brought Senora Lee’s bombilla and mate cup to show us, Senora Vincent told us that in Argentina it is the custom for people to share the bombilla, but we don’t do that in New-Zealand, so we were not allowed to use it. The drink was very very very strong! I had to have a drink of water afterwards.

We had to ask for our food in Spanish. There were people that offered us food by saying, "¿Te gustaria un bizcocho?” and we replied saying, “ ¡Si, mi gustaria un bizcocho!”

Here is a picture of me saying to the person offering me some biscuits, “ ¡Si, mi gustaria una galleta!"

This is Rebekah in March.
By Rebekah.

On 25th May, Huia 1 celebrated both the first NZ parliament and the rejection of Argentina being run by Spain. We had a little taste of yerba mate tea. We did not use filtered straws, but we only used plastic straws and plastic cups. It was very very very bitter at first. We had a go at eating bizcochos, and man, they are really delicious!

We didn't have empanadas, but we had a NZ type called meat and savoury pies. The empanadas would have been really expensive at the shop - if we could even find them here. We had a little serving of alfajore, and we tried some delicious dulce de leche on crackers. I had a try at rectangle sandwiches with cheese and ham inside. During the afternoon tea, we had some NZ orange juice. You should try it.

I really hope to have another afternoon tea some time again.

Mighael and his alfajor.
by Mighael.

A few weeks ago, six other people and I made alfajores. We made them in the food tech room in Poutama. Mrs Vincent got the idea from her time in Argentina. She brought some back for us to try - they were very sweet .

I liked it when I dropped my alfajor in the the melted chocolate to get covered. It tasted very very sweet but I could not spit it out. I guess you guys like them so I should get used to the sweetness.

My favourite part was when we tasted the difference from normal Highlander caramel and dulce de leche. I liked the the dulce de leche more than the other stuff.
Kenneth, Andy and Shane tasting their alfajores.

by Shane

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