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Huia 1 Choir Sings Christmas Songs for Totara Hospice

On Thursday 12th September,  fourteen Huia 1 students  (our class choir) went to the Totara Hospice across the road from school to sing Christmas songs for their volunteers' morning tea. Tara and Syvannah interviewed some of the choir members to see what they thought of the performance.
We performed for the office staff before we left for the hospice.

Huia 1's choir was getting ready for a moment that everyone was going to remember. When we got to the front desk of Totara Hospice, we found that we would have to wait for another ten minutes before we could go in and do our singing,  so while we were waiting we were humming the tunes so we could warm up our voices.

We finally got called up for our turn. We lined up in two lines and got ready to perform for the staff and all of the volunteers who were there.

While we were singing the nervousness in the room seemed to disappear. The first song, introduced by Mason, was Put a Sausage on the Barbie. It was really fun singing the song, and it looked like all the other people were having a lot of fun listening to us singing.

Kylah said that her favourite part of the whole thing was the volunteers singing along with us  because it looked like the people were having a lot of fun. She said that her favourite song was Rudolph the Red- nosed Reindeer  because it's a joyful song,  and Sheffy put on a funny nose on that flashed. She said that she liked the day because was it was a different group from last year when she did it.

I talked to Sheffy and he said that his favourite part was wearing his reindeer things when we were singing Rudolph because everyone was laughing and having a great time.  His favourite song was Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer because he got to put on a Rudolph nose and reindeer antlers. He enjoyed the day because everyone was having a great time.

Cameron's favourite part was being able to make the people in the hospice have a good laugh. I asked him why he thought that and he said that it was good to give the people in the hospice a good time. His favourite song was the medley because it had three different songs and people were singing. He liked the day because we made elderly people happy.

Brylee's favourite part was when we had finished The Hat I got for Christmas because she could see everyone smiling. This was her favourite song because when she did the hat part everyone laughed and smiled and she thought it was really special, too.  She liked it because we were singing for people who look after elderly people and that's very special to her.
Mrs Vincent: I think all our practising paid off; we were a happy and confident choir. I was pleased we were able to do rehearsal performances for Mrs Steele and the other Mrs Vincent's classses, and the office staff. I liked the way we hummed all the songs quietly while we were waiting in the admin area before we were called to go inside to perform at the hospice. I think our harmonies in Silent Night were beautiful.

Mwaniki: I like singing The Hat I got for Christmas because it was humorous and made people smile. I liked how everybody was friendly  because of their general attitude. I enjoyed singing with my Huia 1 choir group.

Sukhdev: I liked singing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer because it was fun and  funky, and there were no high notes, and people were laughing. It was a nice a feeling to have, and it was enjoyable watching people smile.

Aiden: I enjoyed singing Jingle Bell Rock because it was joyful and bouncy. I liked how the hospice smelt, and it was nice to sing to volunteers and helpers. I enjoyed watching Mrs Vincent have a good time while singing with us. I improved by being louder. 

Lili:I loved singing the Silent Night medley because it was soft and peaceful for the people at the hospice to listen to. I liked how the audience looked happy and they were also singing with us.

Mason: I enjoyed The Hat I got for Christmas is too Big because it was really funny, and it pleased the audience.The hospice people appreciated what we were doing for them. I liked how Mrs Vincent can have fun and not be too serious.

Ramandeep: I loved Jingle Bell Rock because it was fun and enjoyable. I liked how the audience was singing along with us, and they were cheerful and occupied. It made me happy that Mrs Vincent was calm and joyful.  I  improved by the way  I was singing a lot this time.  Last time I was really quiet

"The Hat I got for Christmas is too Big"


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