Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mi casa es tu casa: our garden update

 For our school garden art competition, we wanted to make a garden to invite birds, bugs, animals and insects  into our school - and share the environment with them. It was certainly happening already in the garden outside our room, but we also needed to create another one.
We didn't want to draw attention to our mother bird, in case someone disturbed her  but,  in the end, we needed to protect her.  It's a risk we take.

Here is our new garden. Everyone has participated in some aspect of it. We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Kesby for all their help.

We got plants from Dominic's family, Mrs Bradshaw (cabbage tree) and Mrs Vincent's family.

Mrs Irwin  and students worked on the painting and signs.

 Back in our other garden ... What is the difference between this bee and the bumble bee?
 Can you see the bird?

What do you think the lines on the bee's wings are for?

Up close with an aphid.

Look back through past blogs. Can you find a photo of the caterpillar before it became a chrysalis?

Where does the gold come from?

How many aphids can fit on a branch? And what is that black lump...?

We know that a chrysalis is water-proof.  But is it aphid-proof?
Huia 1 investigate the changes in our garden.

Progress of the chrysalis. Can you see the remains of the outside of the caterpillar's skin?

Close up of a fly.

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