Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garden Update - more than just an overgrown patch of plants.

This caterpillar is about to turn into a chrysalis. Can you see how the caterpillar attaches itself to the leaf? Can you tell which end of the caterpillar is which? 

Here is a better view of the caterpillar attaching itself to a leaf.
I wonder what this little insect is?
This caterpillar wanted some peace and quiet and moved to underneath a geranium leaf to make its chrysalis.

Our first butterfly of the season?

This caterpillar moved off the swan plant and onto a succulent plant.

How many caterpillars can you count?

I wonder where this caterpillar is headed off to? I think it might get very hot feet after a while.

A wasp visits one of our garden plants.

A caterpillar has also moved onto this plant. Can you see a bee, too?

There is a bird here who does not want to be seen. We love having her in our garden, but it's probably not the smartest pace to build a nest.

We wonder what kind of bird lays eggs like these.

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