Sunday, November 4, 2012

Having a Ball - 2012 Part 1

It's Intermediate Ball time again:

Here's some pre- and post-ball thoughts from Huia 1:

 (Before) . . . At first I didn't want to go, but then Shayla, Renae, Tegan and Kylah wanted me to go, so I am going now. For my sweets plate I am bringing rainbow cookies. I am looking forward to the waltz and Cotton-Eye Joe . . .

(After) OMG, last night was amazing and good. At first I was nervous, but once I saw everyone enjoying themeselves I enjoyed the ball too. My dress was black poker dot. My hair was out and straightened but I made little twirls on both sides. 

First we did the grand march, then we did Neville's Waltz as the opening waltz. My favourite dance was the grand march  because it was just awesome. My most favourite one was All Around My Hat - I just love that dance. The hardest one was the Maxina because I didn't remember some of it.  

After that we had some punch and then went into freestyle dancing. My favourite song was Gangnam Style because I just love that song, and everyone was jumping up and down when they played it. Renae and I were really tired but we still danced. After the dance we ate some food. I ate one chicken wing and one kebab that had marshmallows and strawberries and grapes. then we did freestyle again. 

Overall, I can't wait until next year, and I'm so excited for that. I'm just so happy, and I loved it. But, the time went so quickly - I wish it will be longer next year. 
Ramandeep Year 7. 

(Before) ... It is the first ball I have been to in my life. I am going to wear a yellow dress with a black cardigan, I am going to bring a plate of lamington cakes. I am going to get my mum to braid my hair just for tonight. . . . 

(After) When I entered the hall, I thought the decorations were amazing; for example, the white snow flakes we made were on the wall, the white, turquoise and silver balloons that we blew up and tied with string were in a net, and there was a cupboard like the one in Narnia. 

I felt nervous and excited at the same time because this was my first ball, but I also thought it would be enjoyable for us to dance and have a lot of fun. 

When we started the dancing, I liked all of them, but the ones I liked the most were Gay Gordons, Cotton-Eye Joe and Mueve la Colita. I liked them better than the rest because they were the first dances I learnt to do.  

The best food I had was the sushi, cakes, sausage rolls and these skewers that had grapes, marshmallows and strawberries. 

Mr Yates chose some good dancers to start the snowball waltz. I was a bit surprised that he chose me as well as other good dancers. I was partnered with Matthew from Huia 2. We started doing a waltz then we had different partners so more people could dance too. 

We also had free dances with music that Kyran and Harrison chose. The most popular song, I think, was Gangnam Style. I liked that style as well as Turn up the Music. 

We finished off with the best dances to show our parents. They were the grand march, the circle waltz, All Around My Hat, Maxina and Mueve la Colita.  Bridget Year 7.

(Before) . . . I am excited for the ball because I had so much fun last year . . . I am inviting two friends over, Ramandeep and Georgina, to get ready for the ball. . . 

(After) . . . The ball yesterday was really awesome because all my friends were there laughing and dancing. My favourite dance was Cotton-Eye Joe because it was a jumpy dance, and if you didn;t have enough energy you could get tired. For the snowball waltz, I danced with Alisha, It was funny because there weren't enough boys. Renae, Year 8.

(After) . . . I think Karwyn had the best style and Trent and Bridget were the best dancers because Mr Yates chose them for the snowball waltz. . . Kyran, Year 7. 

(After) . . . The decorations were really cool. We had a balloon net, and on the left there was a wardrobe. At the front there was a white background as snow. I remember walking in with Georgina and we were amazed at some of the decorations. There were also lots of tables for people to sit at, and on every table there were three helium balloons. They  were held down  by something but it was wrapped in wrapping paper  with a ribbon on it. The whole room looked very pretty. . . Jessica Year 8 

(After)  . . . It was a really enjoyable night. I wish we just danced and didn't stop. That's how awesome it was. . . My favourite dance was the snowball waltz. I was nervous. I waited until the dancers finished, and then the boys that were dancing had to ask another partner to dance. Devaan asked me, and I resistantly said, "O.K." I was really nervous, but after a while I got used to the dance, and then we had to ask another partner. . . I danced wth Nadya until Mrs Vincent said we had to dance with a boy. . .  Kylah Year 7
(Before) I am really excited about the ball because I am way more confident than last year. One of my favourite dances is the grand march because it is well practised and will look good with dresses and suits. I am nervous about the waltz because I can't get my feet right. 

(After) . . . When most people arrived we did the grand march, which was a great start because everyone did it in time and looked proud. After that we did Neville's Waltz (from Harry Potter). I was proud because I got my footwork right. . . The funniest part was when we all went different ways for Mueve la Colita, but we laughed  and carried on anyway. . . I was excited to show the parents our dancing. My mum said it looked very good. 

In conclusion, I thought the ball was excellent because we all had fun and we improved our social skills greatly from last year. (Caitlin, Year 8) 

(Before) . . . Tonight is going to be really cool. I'm going to wear blue skinny jeans and a blue shirt. My favourite dances are Cotton-Eye Joe, Maxina and my new favourite, the snowball waltz. I am really confident enough to do it.  . . 

(After) Last night was really cool because I got to dance the snowball waltz and Cotton Eye Joe. I thought the best girls I danced with were Kristina, Abbie, Paige, Tori, Tanya and Julienne. The best dancer, I thought, was Julienne because she knew all of the dances and she didn't make any mistakes. . .  I changed what I wanted to look like and I wore a tuxedo. . .  I wish there was anther ball this year.  It was the best night out at the ball. . .Next year I'm going to come to the ball to see my sister dance.  Jackie Year 8.   

(Before) . . . I am very excited about the ball tonight. At first, I didn't want to go, but then Mrs Vincent convinced me  to go, and now I'm very excited. 

 (After) . . . Man, I was nervous. When we arrived at the ball with Steve and Jasmeet, we saw a crowd outside the hall entrance. . . Before we know it, the ball was about to start, so we ran inside. We were relieved that we were right on time. 

To kick things off, our first dance was the grand march. I was partnered with Tegan. I got squashed up when we joined up to make a line of eight at the end. When I  did the statue waltz (with Jordan or Ineen), we were doing great until Miss Griffin's iPhone flash bugged my eye, making me wiggle, and then I was disqualified from the game.  Karnjeet, Year 8. 

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