Thursday, March 20, 2014

Term 1, Week 7, 20th March 2014

Today we covered: 

 Correct usage:  We learnt when to use did and done
- the short rule is: Never, ever use I done when you should be saying or writing  I did.
- You can say I have done, I've done, I had done, I'd done, it was done,  and so on

Grammar: We continued to look at simple sentences and identified the subjects and the verbs, and then we had a go at punctuating simple sentences - with full stops rather than commas if the sentences looked too short ...  

Onomatopoeia Chart

Figurative Language: We looked at some examples of onomatopoeiaSee below for some links to help you learn more about onomatopoeia.

Here's a way to reeally annoy your friends and family - and your teacher - by  learning and practising  onomatopoeiac words.

Here's a silly song about onomatopoeia.

And of course, no examples of onomatopoeia could be complete without Batman!

And who would have thought that animals sound so different in other languages.

And here's some onomatopoeia you may recognise from songs.

Tongue Twister:  Today our tongue twister was Unique New York and Eli won the competition - and a chocolate bar. 

Punctuation:  We revised capital letters for months of the year, days of the week and the titles of  festivals and holidays, such as Christmas Day, Easter, Diwali, Anzac Day, and Auckland Anniversary DayBUT  the names of seasons do not have capital letters - even though we tend to see them use capitals incorrectly so often that it almost has become a new rule.  So:

- In summer we have to wear hats at school. 
- In winter we have the heaters going in the classrooms. 
- Even though it's autumn, it is still quite hot during the day. 
- Daffodils bloom in spring

But, of course, if the season is included in a title, then it would have a capital letter. 
Incidentally, we learnt that New Year's Day and New Year's Eve - and even just plain New Year's needs an apostrophe. (Because it's not a plural, it's the day - or eve - of the new year.
Mrs Vincent's Favourite Picture This Week

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