Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lost Property Left Over From Camp

Here's a link to The Gardens Give a Little fundraising page.  We are fundraising for a sculpture to reflect the many cultures within our school.

Here's a link to the latest school newsletter.

Here are some items of clothing still left over from our Year 8 camp. They've all been washed, so they may be more recognisable than they were straight after camp - although some of the white socks have experienced a bit of permanent colour change ...
Let me know if any of these are yours.

One pair of never-will-be-white-again socks; two mis-matched (but look like a pair) of white socks with green soles - one says "Bonds"; one pair of grey "Bonds" socks; two odd white socks; two odd white socks with blue heels.
One pair of Blues (rugby team logo) socks - look a bit more purple than blue; one pair of black boot socks with grey band; one pair of small new-looking grey socks.

One pair of black boot socks with dark-grey band; one pair of white socks; one hair brush; one black long-sleeved polyprop singlet - size small; one black t-shirt - size medium.

One Reggae Nation Jamaica t-shirt; one odd one-was-white sock with grey band and heel; one black sock with holeproof written in yellow;

One single black fitted sheet.

One blue rain jacket "Franhold" brand, with plastic triangle badge with 'Hason' written on it. 

One pair of black shorts - Adidas brand. Also, one pair of long track-type pants - Hallensteins brand, size 12.
One pair of  long weatherproof pants to match rain jacket above.

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