Monday, February 11, 2013

Huia 1 Year 7, 2013

Year 7s have had an awesome start to the year, and we hope that this will carry on.

Already we have learnt that Hone Heke was the first to sign the Treaty of Waitangi,  and the Queen of England at the time was Queen Victoria.

We have learned how to count up to 25 in Spanish because there are 25 students in the class - not counting the one who is still away.

We are all in different art classes and Spanish classes on Fridays.

Huia 1 has  five students  new to our school this year: Mwaniki, Syvannah, Joanna, Tara and Sukhdev.

When we asked them what they liked about The Gardens School, this is what they said:

Mwaniki: "I like the size the school. It's bigger than other schools. It means there will be more places to play and bigger places to explore."

Syvannah: "I like having friends. My new friends are LiLi, Brylee and Amber."

Tara: "I like that it's clean and it hasn't got rubbish in it. There are two drop off and pick up zones for parents. It's got lots of sports gear."

Joanna: "I like that it's bigger and there's more electronic devices - computers and iPads."

 Sukhdev: "I like that the school has more technology. It's bigger and there are more people to be friends with."
Today, in technology, we looked at the Huia 1 blog and learnt how to use the chatbox.

The chatbox rules are:
-  Use correct spelling and punctuation, for example, use a comma before someone's name if you are talking to them - such as:  "Nice comment, Aaron. ".
-  Use correct English - no text language  (you not u, for not 4).
-  Be polite.
-  Write about things that are relevant.
-  Double check before you press "Enter" because you cannot delete anything or undo a post. (Mrs Vincent can.)
-  If you find any inappropriate use of the chat box, enter enough happy face symbols to make the ugly comment scroll out of sight.
- We use first names only.
- Our blog is a friendly, happy, interesting place. 


Absent: Shehjadpreet and Karmveer.

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