Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Garden Before and After the Weekend.

When we left school on Friday, there were lots of caterpillars in a forest of small swan plants. There seemed to be plenty of food for the caterpillars. Some were getting fat and we knew they were soon ready to turn into a chrysalises. We are already watching one chrysalis preparing itself to turn into a butterfly.

Look carefully. Can you find two caterpillars?

Holes in the wall can be quite useful.

Can you find the chrysalis, and at least one caterpillar?

A newly hatched butterfly.
Taking lots of photographs.

Monday morning. Look what's happened to all our swan plants. How many caterpillars can you see?

Can you find 3 caterpillars? What will happen next?

A caterpillar has found a sheltered spot to turn into a chrysalis.

Can you see the chrysalis?

Can you find a chrysalis, a caterpillar getting ready to turn into a chrysalis, and a caterpillar on the ground?

This caterpillar has found a sheltered place to turn into a chrysalis.

This caterpillar is on a poppy plant which had fallen over on the ground.

Can you find two caterpillars turning into chysalises?

This caterpillar may be looking for a sheltered spot to makes its chrysalis.

Do you know that caterpillars grow to 2,700 times the size of their hatching size, before they turn into a chysalis?

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