Friday, August 12, 2011

Cross Country

Last Thursday, we had our annual cross country race at Totara Park. In the four houses, all students over Year 2, marched to the park, with their flags to lead them. As we walked, we passed the daycare centre - many waved us by.
The track through Totara Park to the starting place for the cross country.
Everyone gathers in their houses:
Kowhai (la bandera amarillo) Rimu (la bandera verde)
Tawa (la bandera azul) Rimu ( la bandera rojo)

Once we arrived, a very determined Miss Griffin, announced that we would be racing in order of year and gender [year 3 girls, year 3 boys, year 4 girls ...] The airhorn signalled the start of the first race and the pattern began.
Miss Griffin
We started of with the year 3s, because they took a shorter route round the track. One by one, everyone else started from different points according to age. Finally it was time for the Intermediate team.

Earlier on in the week, Miss Griffin chose a team of girls, from Huia 1, to take some photos at several stages of the course. The official photographers were Hunter, Sarah J, Ricki-Jean, Tegan and Renae. But before the year 8 students started, due to a slight stroke of brilliance, off went Hunter and Sarah who sneakily walked away and hid in the forest beside the track, to take photos of kids running by - without their knowing!

By the end of the day, after everyone had completed their races, everyone was really hungry and exhausted because it was nearly lunchtime and it seemed like an age since morning tea. But we had to make the short walk back to the school, an impossible task for some, but everyone made it back, somehow.
Jacky and Michael in Kowhai house colours.
Overall we all had a great day out and appreciated the chance to see more of Totara Park [and the opportunity of an entire block off work].

By Ricki-Jean

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