Links We Like - You Tube and Others

 Check out this link to see a close up of a ladybug eating an aphid on a swan plant.

Here's the tribute to Vincent van Gogh -  part of our art study.

 Here's a link to some amazing high jump in Kenya.

Here's a maths activity you can use to help you practise ordering numbers, letters - or even shapes and colours. You can choose the degree of difficulty and race against the timer.

 Here's a heart-warming real story about rescuing ducklings in a city....

 Here's a link to a site which includes an interactive maths dictionary and it also has lots of posters you print off - or just read.

Here's the link to  the Cat's duet   by Rossini.
Here's the link to  The William Tell Overture by Rossini.
Here's the link to the Micky Mouse  cartoon version

Here's the You Tube video of real footage of the Battle of Somme

 Cool maths site to help you construct angles with a compass and a straight edge  -  and no numbers are involved (Gotta love those Greek mathematicians!)

 Here is a link to the blog post about William Wordworth's "To Daffodils" poem  (from last year). You can find the links to the other videos via this link.

Here is a link to an interactive protractor, so you can  measure angles - and see if you are correct. It's great fun and it helped my maths class understand how to use a protractor.

Here is the You Tube clip of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) singing Shakepeare's Sonnet 18.

 Test your vocabulary knowledge on this site. You have to be absolutely honest with yourself to get an accurate score.

This is the video of Ferdinand the Bull in Spanish.

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