Aprender Español es Divertido

Here's a short - and quick - video  to help you learn to say what fruit you like. Note that there is an accent missing on ¡A mí también!  This means "Me too!"

Here is a very easy song to help you learn to count to ten in Spanish. 

 This may be a bit difficult to understand but you will be able to pick out  Cuál es tu palabra favorita del Español (What is your favourite word in Spanish). You will be able to pick out some other words too, and recognise a few of the people in it. Watch it a few times and see if you can understand more each time.

This is a Disney cartoon of the Three Little Pigs - on Spanish. You will know the story, so see how much of the language you can understand.

¿Qué hay in la sala de clases?   A Spanish rap about what is in the classroom.

 Here's a cat talking in Spanish. I'm sure you will be able to understand it...

Here's a video about skeletons dancing.
  El  Twist del Esqueleto 
We will learn more about this later in the year.  
Click here to find out why.... 
Mira como mueve el esqueleto             Look how the skeleton moves 
como se menea por completo              How it shakes its whole body 
mira como vuela el esqueleto               Look how the skeleton flies 
como se menea por completo             How it shakes its whole body 
Here is another site to practise classroom objects. Why do you think there is more than one way of saying some of these words in Spanish?  

What is the weather like?  

¿Qué hora es?
What time is it?  
Learn to tell the time in Spanish, with dancing skeletons. 

Notes for teachers:
Here are some sites which can be used to help integrate counting and maths concepts into  your  Spanish lessons.

Interactive Number Games and activities

Hear the number (1-10) in Spanish and click on the corect numeral.

Listen and write – students hear a number and they have to enter the numeral in a box.

Matching pairs – words and numerals in Spanish

Hear the number and click on the numeral – and matching pairs game

Check out this site for further resources, games and activities

An interactive Slavonic abacus – use mouse and drag shadow  to cover circles.

You Tube videos  to support counting and numbers in Spanish

Very basic 1 – 10, but in reverse also.

Spanish rap  of numbers – uses ‘cuenta’ repeatedly 1 – 20; can sound irritating after a while

1- 30 child’s voice saying numbers with numerals showing; quite clearly spoken

1-10 song – with introduction in Spanish, easy enough to translate, and butterflies to show   amounts for each number

Counting 11 – 20 song with animals in Spanish

Counting 1 – 12  on the clock – with lots of vocab – and skeletons; good vocab with cultural relevance and a catchy song. The kids will love this and pick up the refrain.

Watch a class of students learn a counting song (1-15) and dance with their teacher.

Quite an advanced rap with lots of extra vocab well above kids’ level, but they will pick up some,  about numbers and multiplication. Good for basic facts in any language! A bit long, and will need vocab support, but a bit of fun.

Counting 1 – 100 with smiley faces to indicate value of each numeral – only takes 3 minutes and would be very good to use as background support when counting aloud, as kids can see an array of smiley faces to see what the value of the number looks like.

Singing times tables in Spanish  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9x tables in Spanish with some very simple instructions in Spanish.  9 minuutes long, but you could reak it into smaller sections as reqiured.

Counting to 100 by tens to the tune of Frere Jacques

1 – 10 song with lyrics and subtitles – a good rhythm that the kids will probably copy

1-50  to rock music with karaoke option


  1. Dear Huia1

    It was wonderful to visit your blogspot today - thank you to your teacher for inviting me. I really loved your new video.

    I am looking forward to hearing about what you are going to do for International Langiages Week - do send me an email and let me knwo please.

    I am going to tell other schools about how impressive your Spanish is - keep up the great work.

    Sra Edwards
    Learning Languages Facilitator
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  2. Felicitaciones por el blog!! es muy lindo y divertido!!!!

  3. Learning Spanish was great this year.